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If you are looking to get away during the Halloween season but you do not want to do away with the whole spirit of Halloween you should not worry.  There are many different places that you can travel to and still stay in the Halloween spirit.  You will find several different places that you can travel to and learn the different types of stories that surround the Halloween spirit.

Salem, Massachusetts

One of the best places you can travel to during the Halloween season is to Salem, Massachusetts.  When traveling to Salem, Massachusetts you can celebrate the spirit of the season through the art of witchcraft, which was what made this site so famous.  This is where it is believed that twenty-six people were put to death after a trial showed they were guilty of being witches.  During the month of October there are many tours of the famous spots and many events are held.

Dracula’s Castle, Romania

If you are looking for something really spooky to do you might be interested in traveling to Dracula’s Castle in Romania.  When you travel to Romania you will find that there are many different vacation rentals available.  Where else could you find the castle known as Dracula’s Castle where he was famous for torturing his victims and impaling them on a stake where he would leave their bodies to rot.  You will hear plenty of scary stories to fill your mind on Halloween while you are visiting here.

Paris, France

When most people think of traveling to Paris, France the most common places to visit would be the Eiffel Towel or the museums.  However if you are traveling during the Halloween season you might want to visit the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.  This is an enormous cemetery with miles of tombstones.  It is rumored that the cemetery is haunted and is very eerie to walk through.  However what makes this area even creepier is the fact that there are Catacombs underneath the cemetery of which house the bones of millions of dead Parisians from the 17th century.

New Orleans

New Orleans is on the list of the ten most exciting places to visit during Halloween.  If you choose to spend Halloween in New Orleans you will have the chance to tour the Manchac Swamp, which has also earned the nickname of The Haunted Swamp.  This is where there are many tales of hundreds of people who died during a tidal wave and are now known to haunt the swamp.

Rose Hall Great House In Jamaica

The Rose Hall Great House located in Jamaica will also make for a great tour during Halloween.  This is where it is said lived a great witch who would practice voodoo and tortured her slaves.  There are many tours of Rose Hall that are available to take and many will focus on the reports of several different haunting where there are voices have been heard in the dungeon area.  It is also said that the witch herself is still roaming the halls.  If you are lucky enough maybe you will also see her or hear the voices.

If you are looking to travel somewhere during the Halloween season once you start your research you will find that there are many different places you can go.  The ideas that are above are only a small handful of what is available.  If you are having trouble deciding what to do and where to go you can also check with a travel agent.  He or she will be able to give you additional ideas and even help you book your trip.

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