Visit the Wine Caves in France’s Beautiful Loire Valley on a Villa Holiday

If you are lucky enough to get to experience this region, you absolutely must take the time to visit Loire Valley’s wine caves in France and lovely vineyards.

Different varieties of wines hail from this region thanks to a large array of climates and soils. Whether your taste is for white, red, sweet, fruity or dry, you can find it all in the Loire Valley.

While this is some of the finest wine countries in the world and the fine wines do not disappoint, there is so much more to offer. Gorgeous scenery, delicious foods and fairytale architecture, just to name a few. Middle France is home to more than 800 chateaus and a river system that winds along the entire stretch of the province. There are countless ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the Loire.

The Loire Valley Wine Caves in France Route

The Loire Valley has a wine route that spans across some 800 kilometers. This is the best way for wine lovers to familiarize themselves with France’s wine growing region and all it entails. Since being listed on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites, tourists flock from around the world to get a firsthand experience.

There are a variety of ways visitors choose to explore the area, including private cars, guided tours, on foot, by bicycle, or taking a boat down the river. Meet the legendary winemakers, tour the grounds, or spend a romantic evening under the stars in a vineyard. Regardless of which route you choose, you will not regret choosing a trip to this breathtaking countryside.

Loire Valley Wine Caves in France Tours

You will find there are plenty of options available for wine tours in the Loire Valley, as well as the ability to discover many other wine regions in France. You can choose from guided tours, private tours, self-guided tours and day tours. Exquisite estates such as Chenonceau Amboise, Le Clos Lucé, Chambord, Azay-le-Rideau, Langeais and Chateau du Rivau all offer wine tasting and tours of the grounds. You may also decide to get off the beaten path and enjoy a picnic in the vines of Chinon.

Wineries That Are Home to Real Caves

There are a few wineries that have actual underground cave cellars onsite. Maison Brédif is located in the center of Touraine. It is home to caves that run a mile long, an ideal place for storing wines with an optimal temperature of 53 degrees year round. Visitors are welcome to tour the majestic grounds, the amazing troglodytic cellars and taste the fine red, white and sparkling wines.

The Domaine Vincent Carêmeis another property that houses original troglodytic cellars. Their 14-acre organic operation is small but is highly favored among wine connoisseurs. This is one of the newer wineries, but nonetheless spectacular. Tours and wine tastings are available on most days.

Cave Houses

Troglodytic Valley of Goupillières is home to actual cave houses that are carved into the hillside of Azay-le-Rideau. These interesting structures date back to the Middle Ages but were rediscovered sometime during the mid-1960’s. They offer an intimate look inside the lives of the peasants of early times. The protected historical site is now a popular tourist attraction of original homesites with period bread ovens, grain silos and stables. Visitors get a chance to learn about farm life of the Middle Ages.

Where to Stay?

Tourists will have a few options for overnight lodging in the Loire Valley, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, chateaus, villas and gites. It is sometimes hard to know where to even begin. Checking online forums and booking sites will give a lot of great insight on where to stay. Which you choose will depend greatly on your holiday plans and what area you are visiting. The department of Indre-et-Loire, formerly known as Touraine, is probably the most widely visited along the wine caves in France route, but regardless of where you are in France, you will be able to find comfortable lodging.

One notable estate is the luxurious Les Hautes Roches cliffside hotel, which is actually built into a cave and has a sprawling wine cellar cavern on its premises. Many of the guest rooms reside in actual caves. The village of Vouvray is very popular among travelers who want to get a glimpse into the life of the primitive cavemen and women. If you are looking for an unforgettable stay, this may be just the property for you.

For those interested in a rural site, the Old Walnut Mill is worth a look. This 19th century home can be found in the village of Barrou. There are many gorgeous chateaus close enough to visit, but it is located away from the major tourist attractions, offering the ultimate in peace and tranquility.

When you find yourself feeling a bit adventurous, Camping Huttopia Rillé is a viable option. If you are looking for a quiet getaway in the heart of France, this lakeside oasis will not disappoint.  Lodging options consist of tents, chalets or eclectic wooden gypsy caravans. There are endless outdoor opportunities to keep guests entertained. This is a very popular spot for families who are traveling with children. Activities include nature hikes, swimming in the lake or heated pool, bicycling, horseback riding, bird watching and water sports. When most people think of visiting France they don’t consider camping but is actually a wonderful way to experience this part of the country.

Other Mentionable Wine Caves in France Regions

While the Loire Valley is the crème de la crème when it comes to wine culture, France has plenty of other notable wine regions that are definitely worthy of a visit. Some other areas to consider are:

  • Alsace
  • Bordeaux
  • Burgundy
  • Brittany
  • Beaujolais
  • Champagne
  • Corsica
  • Côtes du Rhone
  • Jura
  • Languedoc
  • Loire Valley
  • Médoc
  • Normandy
  • Picardi
  • Provence
  • Southwest France

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