How To Visit The Berlin Wall In One Weekend

Berlin wall

The city of Berlin has had quite the amount of history in the world and that is what makes the current culture that is boasts today.  However what makes the city special in today’s world was just the opposite during the Cold War.  The Berlin wall is famous due to how it rose within one single night even though it took a much longer time to completely finish and of course due to weather and other factors it has seen many revisions throughout the years.  The wall was always a symbol for the city and stretched for over 140 kilometers.  However in today’s time period the city of Berlin has overcome the rocky past that it has had and has worked very hard to improve its image.  Of course the history is never lost and the Berlin wall has become a large tourist attraction.  In the article below you will find tips for traveling to Berlin and visiting the Berlin wall within a weekend’s period of time.

Berlin Wall Memorial At Bernauer Strasse

There is a large memorial to the Berlin Wall that is very informative.  It is located near the u-bahn station Bernauer Strasse.  Here you will find yourself in front of an interactive exhibit that includes large photos.  There is also a memorial at the site of a former church, which is known as the Chapel of Reconciliation.  Many have the opinion that this memorial is the best Berlin Wall memorial through the entire city and well worth your time and energy.

Biking Along The Wall

One of the best ways to visit the Berlin Wall is to take a bike tour.  The company known as Berlin on Bike offers tours that are themed.  This will give you an original and fun way to visit the former wall while visiting the checkpoints and the memorials.  If you are lucky enough to get one of the guides that are very experienced and know the area well you might get to see some of the hidden spots where the actual Berlin Wall is still standing even today.

The East Side Gallery

The most famous spot of the former Berlin Wall is the East Side Gallery.  Unfortunately many people have added graffiti and tourists have added their names and spray painted over the original murals so the area is looking pretty run down.  However even with the graffiti the area is still highly visited and because the people of the city take offense to the defacement and vandalism there are some who will on occasion clean the graffiti off.

The Checkpoint Charlie Museum

The locals often times do not appreciate the heavy tourism traffic that is involved with Checkpoint Charlie.  One of the most interesting museums in Berlin is located here.  You should be aware that the museum is not all that it is portrayed to be and the admission fee can be kind of steep but if you are looking for all of the information available regarding the Berlin Wall you will find it here.  You will find first hand accounts of information once you are inside and it will make the disorganization and hot environment worth every penny.  If you have already visited this museum you might think that you do not need to revisit however there are exhibits regarding human rights that are always changing.  For this reason it makes it a place that you can visit time and time again.

A visit to the Berlin Wall for some might be a dream come true.  It is full of history and education while at the same time you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.  It is well worth a visit and can be completed within a weekend’s timeframe.

Image Credit: Roger Wollstadt

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