Uncommon Places To Visit While In Bali

If you are traveling to Bali you probably think of it as a place with luxurious vacation beach resorts, overcrowded tourist areas, and great surfing.  However what many people do not realize is that is only an area located in a small region of south Bali.  There is much more to know and to visit while in Bali you just need to know where to look.  If you do not do your research before visiting you might be missing out on volcanoes, mountains, hot springs, waterfalls as well as quiet beaches and rice fields.


When traveling to Bali you should check out Ahmed.  This is an area that is very charming with small beach lined coves and is located on the far northeast coast of Bali.  You will often spot a traditional fishing or farming village.  There are no large luxurious resorts located here but you might find a few low-key resorts.  However you will find many small boutique resorts that have recently opened.  This area still feels like a traditional Balinese village and is great for relaxing and taking in nature.  You will also find that snorkeling and diving is great in this location and you can also fish and go sailing.  However if sitting poolside is more your speed you can stay poolside or beach side and get a massage from one of the village women.

Hot Springs In A Jungle

You might have heard that relaxing in a hot spring is a wonderful thing.  While in Bali you can lounge in a hot spring that is located within a jungle.  The hot springs are located within a setting on a mountainside within a dense tropical forest.  The closest village is the tiny village of Banjar on Bali’s north coast.  For comfort there have been several large pools made of stone built into the landscaped gardens under the tropical forest.  During the evenings these pools are very crowded with the locals who bring their families.  If you are looking for a quieter time to visit you need to visit mid morning or afternoon.  There is even a private pool area that only a few people know about.  This is where you can go to relax in a hot Jacuzzi where no one will bother you.


If being in the mountains and hiking is more your thing you should check out Munduk.  This is an area that while you are hiking you will find yourself lost in the views of the ridges, valleys and terraced rice fields.  Munduk is your typical mountain Balinese village.  There are even a few homes and hotels available for tourists to stay in while visiting.  The top tourist months are July through September but the rest of the months are free for you to roam without being crowded.  This is an area that retains the vibe or a traditional village but also has several shops and eateries for you to visit.

Rice Fields South Of Negara City

Not many people think of Negara as some place to visit.  This is a very small city located in southwest Bali.  The common tourist attraction for Negara is the fertile rice growing fields.  There are many rice fields that spread out for miles in many directions.  Not only is the scenery from the rice fields beautiful but also so are the Bali Barat Mountain views.  It will not take you long to see all of the sights that Negara City has to offer but it is definitely a beautiful place and a must see.

If you do not think that you can afford to visit Bali you might be mistaken.  As you can see there are many hidden gems within Bali that are not popular tourist attractions and will not cost you a lot of money.

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