Indulge And Make The Best Of Your Trip To Madrid And Indulge


Madrid is a beautiful city which is brimming with life. After you land in the city, you can begin the day with a leisure breakfast at the Plaza Mayor. Enjoy the delectable and lip-smacking Spanish cuisine as you enjoy the Spanish delicacies. If you want to tour the town in style and comfort, a guided tour is must. In the town, you will come across a large number of agencies who organize guided tours. You can visit several sites in one efficiently organized day. The hotel in which you are staying will have a concierge who will help you with the bookings.

Tour at your pace

In the afternoon, you can consider touring the old part of the town by foot. You can carry a handy guide and a map which will help you to navigate easily. For a sumptuous Spanish meal, you can head to El Botin which is the oldest restaurant in the world. Culinary experts will delight you with their innovative cooking. With a Madrid card, you will enjoy half a bottle of complimentary wine with each meal. You can stop for a steaming cup of coffee at the Plaza Del Oriente. Tour the Royal Palace at your pace.

For some action

When you are in Madrid, you should not miss the bull fighting. As you head across the town take the bull fighting tour. For the tickets, you can enquire at the bullring. Watch the zeal of the locals and the bulls at fight. For some action a bull fight is where you should head to. If you are a soccer fan book tickets for a football match. Watch the best players engage in the game and be a part of the thousand cheering fans. Sin and celebrate with the locals as your favorite team wins a match.

Opt for a walking tour

For the fourth day in the town, you can opt for an organized walking tour. With English speaking guides, you can cover different parts of the town. Delve deep into the rich history and catch a glimpse of the monuments. Enjoy the local cuisine at some of the best restaurants. The local guides will be able to suggest some of the best places to you. For lunch, you can try the Menu del dia which is a three-course lunch. This healthy and authentic meal is offered by most of the restaurants and bars. In the evening, you can indulge yourself at one of the best Spanish restaurants.

Experience the new culture

Soak into the Spanish culture as you visit the must-see destinations. Make sure that you visit the galleries. Do not miss out on the fun of visiting and experiencing the charm of rural Spain. By planning in advance, you can organize your own day trip or opt for an organized tour. Either way you will enjoy touring Madrid. Finally, when the day to leave Madrid arrives you can make a small trip to the center of the city. At one of the small tabernas enjoy a steaming cup of coffee. Pick up few knick-knacks and souvenirs before you leave.

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