How to Travel Safely as a Photographer


Life of a photographer often involves much travelling to many exotic locations where you can capture the beauty of nature and various other aspects of the world in bright colors of photos, now all this is thoroughly enjoyable but not without travelling safely too, while travelling you have to take care of the instruments that you use in photography which increases the trouble to a whole new level. Now when you are travelling in the city with these huge photography instruments it makes it obvious for anyone to guess that you are not someone who belongs to that particular area. Travelling safely for a photographer is more problematic as compared to any common person both in terms of safety and convenience.

Tips of Travelling Safely for Photographers :

Now as mentioned earlier if people can easily single you out as ab tourist then it makes you more susceptible to frauds on the prowl for fooling unknown tourists. The complication is further worsened when you are not aware of what the rules and regulations about taking pictures at a certain location are? It is necessary that being a photographer you know which places you are allowed to take photos and which are the prohibited areas. Also, while packing for travel safely you are under the pressure that you have to take all the necessary equipment, forgetting even a single one can create huge problems later on.

Travelling safely should be the first thing on your mind to get all your equipment insured, in all probability it is possible that the travelling insurance that you will have will not cover the equipment you are carrying. You never know what may happen with your instruments while, on a journey, it can be stolen or may get broken at some point; insurance is your best way to protect you from the cost of such possible damages. It is also advised that you keep lists of all the equipment that you have with you at several places, that way you can tally stuff and determine quickly if anything is missing.

In certain situations a camera can even make you standout as someone who is trying to conduct some suspicious activity or a journalist who is trying to take unauthorized photos, this can get the police anxious and put you in trouble. Therefore make sure you have your visa and passport up to date and have had all the vaccines before departure, keep proofs of all of it along with you at all times.

Planning beforehand always makes travel safely and easier. Make sure that you are certain which equipment will exactly assist you in the endeavor so that you only take those along; since you may not get them in the place, you are visiting. Plug-ins, hard drives, batteries, etc. are something that you should always stock on. Carrying the appropriate camera and travel friendly tripod is very important.

Try and use baggage that will not attract too much attention, the cameras in market these days can handle a bit of roughness just make sure that the lens is properly covered. Travel is always more fun if you have a company and it surely reduces your chances of getting mugged. In the case if you alone then try and be attentive of your surroundings at all times for safety measures. Looking lost is not going to be in your favor so even if you are lost try and not make it too obvious. Make safety a priority, so if there is a shot that you think can be extremely beautiful skip on it if it poses any threat at all to your life.

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