What To Do While On Maui That Will Cost You Nearly Nothing

Kahanu Garden Maui

When you are traveling and on a vacation more than likely you do not want to spend a ton of money on the different activities that are offered.  Traveling to Maui is expensive enough in itself you definitely do not want to spend more money while you are there.  However you will find that Maui has a lot to offer.  You will be plenty busy enough and find that while there are many activities that can get very expensive you will find that there are also many that are free or almost free.  Therefore if you are traveling on a budget you will still be entertained and not have to spend a lot.

Hui No’Eau Visual Arts Centre

A completely free activity that you can enjoy while on Maui is that of the Hui No’Eau Visual Arts Centre.  This is one of the only remaining historic properties and buildings that is still remaining in Maui and is open to the public.  It is located at 2841 Baldwin Avenue, which is between Paia and Makawao.  This is the former home of the founders of the Hui whose names were Ethel and Harr Baldwin.  The space that houses the exhibits is not very big but there are eight exhibitions per year and there is also a room for history.  What makes this visual arts centre so popular is that the grounds that it is located on a kept up beautifully.  This makes it a great place to walk around or even have a picnic.  Be sure that you remember to look at the monkey pod trees that are located on the very front of the property.  You definitely will not be disappointed.

Paia Bay Beach

If paradise is what you are looking for you will want to pay a visit to Paia Bay Beach.  This is another attraction that is completely free.  Even on a hot and sunny day you will find that the very expansive beach that is all white sand is not going to be very crowded.  The beach is located within very close proximity to Paia Town so this makes it a convenient place to relax and have a place for drinks and snacks very close by.  To get there you should head east on the Hana Hwy and park on the side of the road.  Once there you can enjoy your time and relax.

Kahanu Garden

When you are traveling to Hana Town, Kahanu you will find an ethnobotanical garden.  This is actually about three miles before you get into Hana Town.  While visiting the garden you can learn about how the people of Hawaii use the plants in their culture.  You will also be pleased to discover that this area is the home to the largest Hawaiian temple call Pi’ilanihale Heiau.  This was build in 1200 A.D and is extremely large.  This area is also the home of the Breadfruit Institute where there are over one hundred and twenty varieties of ulu grown.  There is not a charge for visiting this attraction but many will suggest that you leave a donation of at least ten dollars.

Palapala Ho’Omau Congregational Church

The place is one of the better known tourist attractions due to the fact that Charles Lindbergh is buried here.  Also buried here is Samuel Pryor who was a friend of Charles Lindbergh and was an aviation industrialist.  This is also another free attraction that is a great place to hand out, do some sight seeing, boost about the views of the ocean and you can even purchase some of the local fruit from the road sides stands that are located along the way there.

As you can see there are many different things that you can do while visiting Maui that are free or at least almost free.  The most important thing for you to remember is that you should relax and enjoy your time in paradise.

Image via Flickr by Paul Mayne

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