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If you are thinking of traveling to the Philippines you might be wondering if it is safe.  There is plenty of unrest in the world today and the Philippines are often attracting plenty of attention from the media regarding murders and kidnappings.  The unfortunate thing regarding this is that there are plenty of places within the country are safe and beautiful to travel to but bad news travels fast and will unfortunately cast a shadow over the good.

Why Are So Many People Being Murdered In The Philippines

While it is certain that many of the people who are being murdered within the Philippines are Swiss it does not look like all of the murders are related and a hate crime against the Swiss community.  In fact these murders are taking place in Mindanao, which is known for shootings, kidnappings and robberies.  This is all due to the Muslim separatists that want independence within the region.  This makes this country a place where tourists will often think twice about traveling to.  Guns and knives are very accessible within this area and can be bought both legally and illegally as long as you have enough money to afford them.  There are regulations that come with making these purchases but they are not a high standard and are often not followed.

Is It Safe To Travel To The Philippines

Between the murders and kidnapping you might be wondering if it is safe to travel to the Philippines.  This is a very good question.  There are many places that should be avoided by tourists.  One such place is Mindanao that has had many unexplained murders of tourists and there are plenty of crimes and violence that continues.  But the good news is that the rest of the Philippines are safe to travel to although some people worry that the violence will spread but as of right now it has not.

Where Is The Safest Place To Travel While Visiting The Philippines

There are plenty of places to visit that are safe while in the Philippines.  Many tourists have chosen Boracay, which is very touristy, Bohol, Palawan, Bagio, and Cebu.  If you are looking for touristy things to do, chocolate, diving or even things to do with rice you will find it in one of these cities.

Traveling Tips For Staying Safe In The Philippines

There are many different tips that you can follow to stay safe while traveling through the Philippines.  The first thing everyone should do is to not show off his or her money.  The people who live in the Philippines believe that foreigners are very wealthy.  Therefore it is best to keep from handing out money to people or better yet it is important not to carry a large amount of cash around with you.  Other items to avoid are not drinking and staying out late especially if you are by yourself.  If you do go out you should let someone else know where you are going to be.  You should also avoid traveling by ferry.  It is much safer to fly between the islands even though it will cost you a little bit more.  And finally you should stay at hotels that are recommended and come with good reviews.

If you are considering planning a trip to the Philippines there are the places you should avoid but there are more places that you can enjoy and not have to worry about your safety.  If you travel to these areas and follow the tips to being safe while in the Philippines you will find that your trip will be an experience of a lifetime.

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