Traveling The Maldives Can Be Done On A Budget

If you are interested in traveling to the Maldives you might be wary of what the country is all about because there is not a lot of information around about it. It is definitely a country that is fascinating to travel independently too. There are many guesthouses that are appearing almost on a monthly basis that offer travelers a way to explore the country while staying on a budget. However there are other things you will need to know about when traveling the Maldives on a budget and this article will help to explain all of these to you.

Cheap Accommodations

When you are traveling to the Maldives you should know ahead of time that accommodations are not cheap. It is not like traveling through Southeast Asia; you will not find a $5 per night bungalow to sleep in on the beach. What you will find is that there are guesthouses that will keep you on your budget. These will typically run you $30 to $60 per night but you will receive a room that is clean and spacious with air conditioning included. They will also give you the options of a good shower and free wifi.

Cheap Transportation

You might be surprised to find that getting around the Maldives is also inexpensive. The local ferries should not cost you more than two or three dollars but you should be prepared that the schedule in infrequent and you may have to wait a long period of time to catch the ferry and get where you are going. You will also need to know that the local ferries do not stop at the resort islands. You will need to pay for a speedboat for these trips and these are not cheap. However if you are lucky you will be able to find a local fisherman that will take you to where you need to go on his boat for a small fee.

Cheap Food

The food is not going to set you back too much into your budget. You will find most meals will cost you around five to ten dollars per meal and many of the guesthouses will offer an enormous breakfast for free if you stay with them. You will find that the busier the island is that the more food options you will have.

Cheap Excursions

If you are looking for a cheap excursion you will find they are the cheapest if you book them through your guesthouse. But you can still shop around and possibly find a cheaper price elsewhere. You should also be sure of everything that is included in the price. Some will supply lunch and water while others will not supply anything.


Traveling To A Resort

If you are more interested in staying at a resort rather than a guesthouse you will need quite the large budget. Of course almost anything goes on a resort unlike the beaches of the islands but you will pay the price for it. The rooms will be more that two hundred dollars per night and if you are thinking of having a cocktail you will find yourself paying at least fifteen dollars each for those.

There are twelve hundred islands located in the Maldives and they are all different. You will be pleasantly surprised that when you travel to each of the islands that they will each offer you something special. It might be the restaurants or even the island paradise that is different. It does not matter what it is you will not be disappointed.   It is important that you do your best to stay within your budget because it is easy to run out of money.

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