Things To Do When Traveling In The French Pyrenees

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When you are traveling in the French Pyrenees you will definitely see the breathtaking views of the peaks and the valleys but what you will also experience is the relaxed atmosphere that is created by the locals that live a much more simpler and relaxed life than what most of us live in our home countries. While traveling you can enjoy the typical hiking, skiing and rafting activities but what you will find is that there are also many other activities that will make your trip to the French Pyrenees a truly unique experience.

Meet A Local Producer And Enjoy Their Produce

You will find the local people who sell their produce as very proud of what they do. They will often use the words “local” and “fresh” and will offer you natural foods directly from the source. Three common local products are cheese, honey and a cake that is made completely by hand. The cheese is created from local goats, cows and sheep that make their way through the mountains. You will find honey stands on the side of the roads. You can purchase honey jars in many different sizes. And the cake that is made is known as Gateau a la broche. In English this might be referred to as a barbecue cake. This is a unique dessert made by the locals.

Find And Explore A Hidden City

When traveling in a new place you will find that there are several different things that you can explore. The French Pyrenees has plenty of these cities to be explored. There are many small cities that can be found tucked away in the mountains. When you find a small city hidden within the mountains there is nothing more romantic. You will have the option of wandering through the streets, finding a hidden café or coffee shop where you can warm up or you can even shop within the local shops looking for more hidden things.

 Head To The Zoo

If you are looking for wildlife you will find that the Pyrenees is home to many different types. The best way to see the wildlife is to head to the zoo. Here you will be able to see and interact with many different kinds of the animals. What makes this zoo different from other zoos is that it is located halfway up a mountain. You will have many different views of the valley and the mountains that surround it.

Find Yourself In The Clouds

As you travel through the Pyrenees you will eventually find yourself high enough that you will be in the clouds. In the mornings the early mist will leave you in an area of thick clouds. There are many different cafes that are waiting to serve you and if you are lucky you will find yourself having lunch in the clouds.

Follow The Route Of The Tour De France

There are many different activities that you can experience while traveling through the Pyrenees. A very popular activity is to follow the route of the Tour De France. You will find yourself lining the streets with the locals and other fans or if you are not there while the race is happening you can follow the route by yourself by car. While traveling the route you can stop and enjoy the landmark spots of the cyclists.

When you are traveling through the French Pyrenees you will find yourself in awe of the scenery as well as the local cities and towns. You will find that there is plenty to keep your busy even if you are not into the athletic activities. Sightseeing will take up plenty of your time as well as the local foods and shops.

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