Travel Safety Is Still Unstable In Case Of Solo Women

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The thought of travelling across the world, exploring new countries by a solo woman surely brings an electrifying effect in our mind. Though we belong to the world of twenty-first century and boast of being the observers of the latest modern science and technology, still in few cases we lag behind. Women still have to think twice or thrice or a number of times before planning a tour to abroad alone. In spite of all the barriers, women are encouraged to travel across the world on their own. Only they have to follow some rules that may ensure their safety.

Adhere to the guidelines

You must follow few guidelines while travelling which may save you from falling in danger. Try to avoid getting out alone late at night to escape the chances of being trapped by the attackers. Provoking dresses may lead you to face pointless danger, so try to wear simple dresses. People with a criminal mindset, usually, attack women with revealing dresses. Being a Solo woman traveller, you should always keep in mind that you must not lose composure, so try to consume alcohol within limit. Avoid going out to the sea beaches alone. Statistics says most of the crime against women occurs in the sea shores.

Varying experiences for different countries

Few countries are risk-free, but few are high on peril. Before you plan a tour, you must go through a travel guide and reviews of the travellers and plan accordingly. So it is always better for solo woman traveller to be cautious to ensure her safety. The number of crimes against solo foreigner tourists is quite high in India and other African countries like Cambodia. Even if you put on conservative dresses, you may be criticized by the people in Italy, Rome. The experience in Japan is quite different. The people even don’t touch your purse if you leave it on the bench.

Prioritize your safety

Women must do a research work on the destinations before they plan the tour especially on the culture of the country and figure out the dresses to avoid. Friendly attitude will be a bonus if you want to be a good traveller, but you must not take alcohol, drinks, foods offered by the local people because you don’t know their motto. Make financial investment in your safety before you plan a tour. Try to keep in touch with your loved ones off and on and let them know your status. Always keep information about the local police station or other security agencies of the place.

Few necessary tips

Solo female traveller is advised to be well prepared before she sets out. You must make a checklist of indispensable items that you should carry with you always. The things that you must carry includeguidebooks, cash, map, phrasebook, and passport. Try to pack light and not to bear multiple bags. There are lots of backpacks designed exclusively for women. Be well prepared and self-sufficient. Before you visit any place always try to get information about the cultural dress code which will make you accepted by the people of the country.

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