Where To Travel To When You Are On A Budget

on a budgetBelieve it or not if you are a traveler who is on a budget you will be able to find several destinations that are budget friendly.  It does not matter if you want to travel to a different country you can find budget friendly trips as long as you know a few certain tips and tricks.  You will soon learn that there is no such thing as a destination that is too expensive to travel too.  By reading on you will find several different destinations that will work for any traveler that is on a budget.


When one thinks of traveling to the Pacific Islands more often than not this area is thought of as being expensive.  One of these areas is Fiji.  Many think that enjoying a trip to Fiji will be expensive but that is really not the case.  Many of the surrounding islands are very expensive but in comparison Fiji can be very affordable but can also cater to the more expensive tastes as well.  Fiji is a stop on Fiji Airlines and allows for many backpackers to have the advantage of a stop over.  What this means for that community is that there are inexpensive guesthouses, transportation, and activities which all make Fiji a great place to visit.

Central America

If you are interested in trekking through the jungle, surfing, and ancient ruins you might want to consider visiting Central America.  It can be very affordable to those on a budget if you visit a few of the smaller countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala.  These are the best places for a person on a budget as you are able to find hotels for $15 per night and meals can be as low as $3 each.  Some people may worry about safety in these countries but as long as you are not roaming through bad neighborhoods in the dark you will be find.


If you are looking for affordability and beauty you should try traveling to Cambodia.  This country offers both as well as the local people being very friendly and wanting to make you feel at home.  Lodging is very affordable in Cambodia.  You can find a private room with air conditioning for around $20 and food as cheap as $2 per meal.  Many times you will find yourself spending less than $50 per day.

Eastern Europe

If you are traveling on a budget and would like to travel to Europe you will find that Eastern Europe will probably be the best place for your money.  Areas such as the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova will be the cheapest areas for your budget and you can live large on less than $40 per day.  Eastern Europe will offer you the same charm and sightseeing opportunities as Western Europe but without the inflated tourist prices.


If you would like to travel to Australia but you do not think that you will ever be able to afford to you might be mistaken.  Traveling to this country can be found to be very affordable with help of work exchange opportunities.  This will involve some couchsurfing as well as cheap groceries but it can be done.  However if you do not need to eat the best food around and you do not mind sleeping on someone else’s couch you can travel Australia and keep within your budget.

If you know the tricks and tips to traveling on a budget you will find that you can travel almost anywhere in the world and not spend a large amount of money.

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