How to Travel Around the World at a Low Cost

travel around world Many people thinks that travel around world is expensive but the fact is travelling world is easy and cheap. Even you can get a chance to travel the world without any expenses if you take little effort and do little practice. It is all nonsense which is spread by the hotel chains, tour companies, that travelling is expensive. Their main motive is to make you spend money on packages by which every sectors related to tourism can earn. All these packages are sold by the tourism company in a same was a shopkeeper sells jacket in a mall. All they want is your credit card details.

Steps of travel around world simply and cheaply

Experience the sheer joy of travelling

by travelling you can get a break from your daily routine. By travelling you experience new things like exploring new places, meeting new people, getting to eat new foods, grow your knowledge about world, about yourself. This sense of new experience gives you happiness and makes you feel good which you can attain from travelling. For attaining these experiences it is suggested that a person should not go for tour packages as the tourism company will limit you with things and then you cannot explore things which you can do on your own without any guidance of your tourism company. Simply go to street, talk to local peoples, know more about place and experience the special things of place.

Minimize your needs

it has been noticed that a normal human tendency is to buy things. Travellers need health food, fresh air, creative stimulation, exercise, clean water, self-esteem, companionship and a safe and comfortable bed. You can easily attain these entire thing and that too without paying any cost. To get some fresh air a person can go out for a walk and do some exercise. For companionship one can made some friends, for creatively stimulating yourself go out to some new place, for self esteem one can take a deep breath and experience the world, such as food, shelter is easy to avail if you go out of the USA.

Slow Down

When you are living in a big city and want to spend your vacation in a exotic place then you need to spend some money as it will be difficult to travel free. And time is not money. You can creatively think of the travel around world options. Instead of spending all your savings on the air travel, think of ways to reduce that expense by travelling partly by train or road. You can alternatively take up volunteer work with an organization that pays for your travel.

Possessions and obsessions

Do not carry your possessions and obsessions with you on your trip when you are travelling, take out the possessions from your mind as you need these during your travel.

When you trust others you will be able to get free food and stay: These days its common for people to host the traveler s in their homes. You can get connected to these people by surfing and WWOOF online network. Couch services are offered for a stay for one or two days for travelers. WWOOF helps travelers to connect to those people who have offered to take a stay in their place and foods.

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