How To Travel Through Africa On A Self-Driven Safari


When you are traveling through a foreign country you might think that it is next to impossible to drive on a self-driven safari. Africa is one of these places that people want to travel to have own eyes experience. So the question of can you travel through Africa on a self-driven safari and still get to experience everything as you would with a group tour. The answer is yes. If you read on into this article of donation travel you will find out how it can be done.

Where Should We Travel To In Africa

When you are traveling through Africa there are many African countries such as Kenya and Tanzania that will warn you about traveling through without a group guided tour. This is due to the wild game and animals that roan throughout the country. It might be dangerous for you unless you are in the proper kind of vehicle. Of course the guided tours are usually done in cars that are bulky and uncomfortable and leave very early in the morning. If you like to sleep in during the mornings these tours are not for you. You will be better off traveling by yourself.

If you would rather have safer travels you might want to consider traveling to Namibia. This area is located in the southwest coast of Africa and is a twenty two year old nation. Over the past few years Namibia has developed a great reputation as an area that is safe for you to have a self-driven safari and vacation. You might not think that it would be a good place to visit due to it not being a popular tourist spot. However you will be pleasantly surprised to find that what it has to offer might be even better than that of the tour guide groups. There is an abundance of wild animals for you to see and experience, the national park system and its scenery is spectacular.

What To Do When Visiting Namibia

When you are planning on traveling to Namibia the tour will probably start in the capital city, which is Windhoek. The airport is where your road trip will begin. Of course this cannot happen until you rent a vehicle. You will find that most are four wheel drive SUVs or pick up trucks. You will soon learn that the four-wheel vehicle will come in handy on red sand.

Where To Stay While In Namibia

Namibia has shyed away from the large-scale tourism that much of Africa has adopted. Therefore accommodations are not large in variety. You will find that there is mainly lodges, tents or even a few bed and breakfasts. If you are lucky you can find accommodations that are even equipped with air conditioning.

Planning Your Safari

The best part of traveling by yourself is that you can plan your trip at your own pace. You can sleep as much as you like, staying certain places as long as you want and eat where and what you want. You are on your own schedule. That can be better than being on the schedule of many other people.

If you are planning your own self-driven safari through Africa on your own you might find that you are having a difficult time accomplishing this. There are many different companies that can help you. You can find these companies by searching on the Internet. There is also a visitor’s guide that is published by the Namibia Tourism Board that can help to give you sample itineraries, travel companies and lodging options.

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