Top 10 Islands In The World That You Must Visit


If you are fond of the unending, deep blue sea, then you should know the most beautiful beaches of the world. The aquamarine blue waters soothe the eyes, and inspire you to look inwards at yourself. The sight of the unending waves of the sea makes you philosophical and attunes you to the surrounding nature. The sea is the best way to de-stress yourself. According to psychologists, the color blue is soothing to the soul. If you find yourself heading off to the sea beach for every vacation, you should take note of the top sea beaches of the world.

Seychelles, paradise on earth

Seychelles is an island country and comprises of 115 islands. You will find this country in the India Ocean, northeast of Madagascar and east of Kenya. All the islands are so beautiful that it seems like a gift of God. The islands are divided by their geographical makeup. You will find 45 granite islands. There are 67 coral islands, scattered throughout the region. The breathtaking view of the sea leaves you speechless. The variety of flora and fauna are endless. You will not find any inhabitants in most of the islands. Some of the islands are natural reserves.

Maldives, the exotic sea beach

Maldives is considered to be the most romantic place in the world. The island is the shooting place formany International films. Maldives is also in the Indian Ocean and is a compilation of 1000 islands around the region. Out of 1000, people live in only 200 of the islands. Only five of the islands are populated. It has a chain of coral atolls that are barely above the sea-level.Protection is given to some islands of the region.The Dravidian clan of India was originally the inhabitants of Maldives.

Some other islands

Cook islands, discovered by James Cook is a series of the stunning island in the Pacific Ocean. These islands are recommended for honeymooners as they are practically uninhabited. The temperature is hot and humid. KoLipeisland in southern Thailand is another amazing sea-beach. It is uninterrupted by modern, urban life, and there is no electricity at specific points of time. The cuisine here is mostly local. The fine sand offers a pleasant walk along the beach. Bali is a vivacious island, offering a lovely sea-beach. The amazing sea-beach along with great food attracts many tourists from across the world.

Beautiful islands of the world

Fiji islands are in the Pacific Ocean, around 2000 km northeast of New Zealand. The country consists of 332 islands, and there are two main islands – Vanua Levu and VitiLevu. These two major islands account for the majority of the population of the country. Fiji is a volcanic region and is covered with tropical forests. Tahiti, also situated in the Pacific Ocean is another beautiful island. It is the largest island of French Polynesia. The other beautiful islands in the world are Curacoa in the Caribbean Sea, Perhentianisland in Malaysia, Hawaii islands. The islands listed here have beautiful sea beaches and are mainly uninhabited. They offer the perfect getaways to avoid the hustle bustle of the city life.

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