Best Things to Do in San Francisco

things to do in San FranciscoYou’ll want to see Golden Gate and perhaps take some photos of the Painted Ladies. But San Francisco has so much more to explore besides the popular, more touristy stops. Indeed, the city is full of resident-favorite restaurants, bars, and things to see and do that most visitors to the area can easily overlook. There are a lot of things to do in San Francisco.

Explore the Mission: Things to Do in San Francisco

The Mission is a local favorite area thanks to its selection of fantastic restaurants, bars, and attractions. You can make a reservation and sit down for a meal at eateries such as Foreign Cinema and Lolinda, or you can explore the area on foot and pick up some street food as you go. You’ll also pass by a few microbreweries and bars along the way, including Southern Pacific Brewing.

With such an emphasis on food and walkability, this is one the best spots to spend a day or two in San Francisco. Plus, it’s the city’s oldest neighborhood, so the Mission is full of history and culture. All this makes it the perfect place to book your hotels in ‘San Fran’ ( San Fransisco ) affordable.

Meet Locals at Farmers Markets

If you want to visit San Francisco like a local, then you should shop where they do. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is a favorite among area residents where you can find produce, cheese, coffee, and more. As a nice bonus, it’s located in Embarcadero — a neighborhood that’s known for attracting more locals than out-of-town travelers. Other popular farmers markets to check out include Crocker Galleria and Heart of the City.

Pick a Beer or Two at The Monk’s Kettle

Not sure which Bay City brew you want to try? Go to The Monk’s Kettle to ask for a recommendation. This beloved bar is known for its long list of beers, boasting hundreds of options, and is a great choice if you don’t want to travel all over the city looking for West Coast beers. The Monk’s Kettle is near the Mission district, and it’s just a block away from a BART station.

Catch a Show at Cobb’s Comedy Club

You’ve eaten and drank like a local — are you ready to laugh like one? San Francisco is full of venues where you can catch a live performance, but one of the best choices for standup comedy is Cobb’s Comedy Club. Though the venue showcases rising talent, famous comics perform here regularly, as well.

See the Bay From Jack Early Park

There are so many green spaces to explore in San Francisco, and most visitors prioritize spots like Golden Gate Park and Alamo Square Park. One of the city’s best-kept secrets, though, is a tiny, hidden park accessible by stairway. Look for Jack Early Park off Grant Avenue, and head up the steps for some seclusion and stunning views of Alcatraz and the North Bay.

San Francisco is an incredible place, and there’s so much to see and do beyond the obvious shops and landmarks. The next time you’re in the city, take some time away from the touristy areas to explore these lesser-known local gems.

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