Things to Do in France: Best Travel Tips

France is not just about art and architecture, it has so much more to offer. Food, outdoor activities, and tours in France make it the world’s top tourist destination. The 89 million visitors that come to see the beauty of France each year know how many opportunities are there in this country. Are you ready to go? Check out these tours in France which is the most interesting things to do in France recommended by travel experts.

5 Best Things to Do in France

Battlefield Tours in France

The scars of war will always haunt the Somme battlefield. The shell holes, cemeteries, memorials, and the long, narrow ditches will keep reminding people of the pain many have suffered on this land. The Circuit du Souvenir (The Remembrance Trail) and some beautiful towns will tell you the story of the Great War. The main sites of WWII are here and once you reach there, you will see how intense the battle was.

Loire Valley Chateaux

Listed in the UNESCO World’s Heritage sites, Loire Valley Chateaux and manor houses are the legacies of the kings who fell in love with Loire Valley. Famous for architecture and beautiful castles, this place is close enough to Paris and you can spend a full day here. You will get to see castles and you can also enjoy delicious French food. Wine tasting is also the reason many tourists visit this place. Your tours in France will be incomplete if you miss the opportunity to see this beautiful place as this is surely among the best things to do in France.

Reims Champagne Region

You could happily spend a whole day drinking champagne at its place of origin, but there is much more to the Reims Champagne region than just proximity to cheap liquor. Deserving much more than just a part of your best stuff to do in France, the province is a place to be enjoyed at peace if you truly want to see what it has to offer. There are more than enough options to stay busy for a few days. You should go to Reims Champagne in France and see all the serene places where you can have a perfect French experience. Visit the beautiful houses here because they will connect you to the culture.

Normandy D-Day Beaches

It is impossible to separate impressionism from Normandy. Even today its beaches, cliffs, and cathedrals can be recognized from paintings. Normandy is one of the most beautiful regions in France as it has inspired many artists and tourists. The region played an important role during World War 2 as it was a strategic site for the military forces.

During your fun things to do in France tour, take a day tour to Normandy D-Day beaches to see many historically important destinations. A professional local tour guide can help you get information on the five D-Day beaches. The codenames for the beaches include Omaha, Utah, Gold, Sword, and Juno. People in Normandy are proud of their culture and they are very friendly.

Mont Saint-Michel

One of the most-visited places in France, Mont Saint-Michel is a mysterious tourist destination for many non-French speakers. Mont Saint-Michel is accessible by road from Paris and many private companies offer guided tours and day trips for sightseeing. Here you’ll see the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey. It’s a religious refuge and a professional guide can tell you a lot of stories about the place and its decades-old history. Beyond this place, you can go to the vertical grounds and enjoy food at local restaurants. Don’t forget to hit the French food which is one of the most fun things to do in France.

Every year, thousands of visitors join different guided tours in France. Plan a trip and it will definitely be the best vacation you would ever have.

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