The Land Of Tummy Tickling Thai Street Food: Must Eat in Thailand

Thailand is the South-East Asian hub of the world. The country is a cosmopolitan one, and the meeting point of many cultures. Thus, the country is a gastronomical delight. You will get the best of both worlds. Since the country has a lot of tourists coming in from all over the world, you will get a range of International cuisines. However, to get the authentic flavor of the country, you must try their local cuisine, the Thai street food. The main attractions are Thai street food which is shockingly delicious. However, you have to be aware of the local customs and culture to cherish the taste of the food.

Spice is the flavor in Thai street food

Thais are very fond of spicy food. Therefore, if you are ordering Thai street food, you have to prepare yourself to have some hot, spicy dishes. The Thai sauce that is added to any curry or other items is hot. Apart from this, the Thai use chilies in their food. Some of the other spices that are added to the food are Baimakrut, Baiyanang, Thai sweet basil, ginger, turmeric, dill, coriander, lemongrass, coriander, chili spur pepper. Many food items use bird’s eye chili, and it adds to the hotness of the dish.

Some mouthwatering dishes

Thai Omelet is one of the mouthwatering street fares that is offered everywhere in the country as Thai street food. It has minced pork, beaten egg and soy sauce. Pad See Ew is another popular Thai street food. It is rice noodles with meat, egg, Chinese broccoli, sprinkled with pepper and light and dark soy sauce. Another quite famous street food is Gai Pad PrikGaeng. This dish is simply chicken stir-fried along with Thai red curry paste. As the names will often be in Thai, you can either ask the meaning or be aware of Thai culture to enjoy the food. Here you can check out where to have Thai cuisine in Bangkok.

Common vegetables and fruits

Some vegetables that are common in Thai dishes are tomato, pea eggplant, drumstick, bamboo shoot, white cabbage, bitter gourd. Some of the commonly used sauces used for cooking are light and dark soy sauce, Thai curry paste, fish sauce, Thai shrimp paste, oyster sauce. Some common fruits are papaya. Banana, guava, rose apple, Thai chestnut, Burmese grape, tamarind, jackfruit and some other tropical fruits. The country has plenty of fruits which are also considered as Thai street food and the people here are quite fond of them. If you are ready for experimenting, you will have a gala time in Thailand. Otherwise, it is safer to stick to International cuisine.

The digestive system of the locals

The Thais eat small portions of food, but they frequently eat. The Thai are always on the move. Therefore, they do not have much fat. However, the seafood that is available may not be as delicious, so be careful while experimenting with the food. As the climate is hot and humid, the spice may increase the hotness inside. Exercise caution while having spicy food. It can increase the hotness in your body. It is best to eat under a local’s guidance to avoid getting sick. If you are a foodie, you will not be able to resist the temptation of the street fare on display.

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