10 Tips to stay in touch with family while traveling

Traveling overseas is and will always be one of the most enriching experiences one can gift themselves. But we can all agree that it has never been easy to keep in touch with friends, family, and workplace. That is whether you are studying, living or just touring abroad. Questions that hit one’s mind are how will you get in touch with your family and friends while overseas? Since the modernization of technology these days there are many ways to stay in touch with family while traveling and some of these ways are unique. Nowadays in every café abroad has Wi-Fi and since almost everyone carries smartphones which makes it easier to stay in touch with your family. I am going to list 10 tips on ways to keep in touch with family and friends.

10. Group Calls and Group Chats

Since the development of Facebook, 2Go, WhatsApp and Telegram people use these applications for their best features like group calls and chats. It helps when you want to communicate with your dad, mom, and siblings at the same time. What you need to do is create a family group in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram you can use any of the mobile applications I have mentioned and have a group video call or chats. These applications groups can also be awesome for sharing photos of beautiful sceneries you have visited with some texts explaining them for your family to see.

9. Start a Blog

You can have a blog where you can upload videos and photos for your family to see. These could be great if you would like in future to use the blog to earn money. Yes, your audience may grow beyond your expectation after or if your family shares the blog with their friends. This could grow big where the blog to a point where it will fund you’re traveling, allowing you to visit pretty destinations in the world and paying all your expenses!

8. Calling Home

Yeah, one can choose not to use messaging applications and dial home with your phone. This might cost a fortune but that is not always the case. This comes with an advantage of avoiding distorted sound and delayed calls on Skype and any other video calling mobile application. European countries have been forced to bill any calls in Europe as local calls reducing roaming charges.

7. Prepare a Communication Schedule while Abroad

There won’t be any point to have a communication application to stay in touch with friends and family back at home if you are not good about using them. You have to stick to a communication schedule because it might be easy to be so busy and have three days turn into weeks and make everyone upset. Schedule a time that works with both time zones on that it will be convenient for both of you. In case you miss each other’s call send a message and apologize too. And also try not to keep the conversation one-sided because everyone wants to know your whereabouts too. Also, ask them about their whereabouts and follow up with your previous conversations with them to show that you are listening and send videos and photos of what is happening back at home.

6. Create a List for Mailing your Family

In order to stay in touch with your loved ones, you may have to create a contact list to stay connected via email. Think about it this way, if almost every website you visit keeps in touch with you on a daily or weekly basis through email. Then you can do the same thing with your family and friends. This can be possible by sending a mass message daily or weekly. This will make everyone feel like they are in the loop.

5. Using Postcard

Even though this is an old-fashioned way to share moments with your family while traveling. It is also a cool way for your children to have the idea of where you are. Postcards are one of the fun ways to stay in touch with family while traveling, they add a fun twist to them allowing travelers to easily upload their own travel photos online. There is the application available in App Store and Google play that allows you to design your own custom designed postcards right from your Smartphone.

4. Have your Smartphone loaded with Pictures of your Family Members

When traveling abroad your Smartphone is the most important tool you will have. It is equipped with GPS which help you roam around, email and also allows you to install messaging applications. The Smartphone allows you to have hundreds of your family photos which will make you feel closer to them.

3. Automate your Communication

You can set a Tasker to send messages to your family whenever you reach a certain location. This is because you want to enjoy your holiday rather than constantly checking in with everyone member of your family back at home. It will be better to automate your messages to keep them in the loop. In an Android Smartphone, there is a way to automate notifications so your phone may send a message without you lifting a finger. This Tasker is a mobile application that helps automate different actions based on certain triggers. You can set it to automatically send a message to a selected contact once you are within a certain radius of a location. And of course, you will need the GPS to be active. Apple users have WakePoint which sends reminders, messages and email messages to let your family know where you are.

2. Use a local SIM

It is advised to get yourself a local SIM to connect with your family though it is not the best way, in countries like Japan SIM cards is expensive. International SIM cards are too slow but still, it’s the best way to connect while overseas by preparing your phone for international travel. You will have to buy an unlocked Smartphone directly from the developer like Samsung and apple or contact your provider and ask them to unlock your phone. Or depending on where you are you can get independent mobile retailers to do it for you. Once you have an unlocked phone, picking up local SIM card is cheap and easy. But with all these sides hustles getting a local SIM card is the best way just load it up with a fast data package and some talk time and you are good to go!

1. Collaborative Communication

This method will be more fun for young people or any old-fashioned guys who love exploring new ways of technology development. These methods are creative giving you something to talk about. They may take more time and effort but way more fun than using Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram group.

These collaborative communications include online games. Developers have added an instant chat feature for people to catch up while playing. This might help you stay in touch with family while traveling making it fun. They range from live video games to fun-taking puzzle games so you can tailor it to your schedules with other family members overseas.

All the 10 tips I have mentioned are for maintaining a healthy relationship with your family and friends. All you need is a social media application, a realistic schedule and your family and friends will be happy about your time apart.

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