Few Important Checkpoints To Have A Memorable Stay In Stockholm Within Budget


Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has risen from the cold shadow and has transformed to an international city. Almost half the city is are almost 24,000 islands that form an archipelago around the city. Parks and museums scattered across the different islands are the major attractions of the city. When in the city, you cannot afford to miss food and shopping. Often travelers have skipped the city as it is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. You can visit the place without shelling much from your pocket.

Tips to save money

Usually the travelers initiate their travel in the country from this city that is also the commercial and cultural capital of the country. If you are planning to visit the city within a budget then follow few tips.

  • Opt for sightseeing card that gives visitors free entrance to historical sites, museums. The card also ensures free use of the subway system and bus. You can avail the card from the front desk of various hotels. The card permits free admission to major attraction of the city. Since transportation is also included in, you can opt for the far-flung places with this card.
  • You can opt for a walking tour in the city, like the other cities in the European continent. Walking around Gamla Stan, the old city and the new part will be a great idea. This will help you to explore the history of the city. Each of these tours are for couple of hours.
  • Food is another are where you can stay within your budget. Drinking and dining are expensive in Stockholm, but you can enjoy the local cuisine without incurring high expenses. Opt for the buffets, be it for a lunch or breakfast. You can also check out food halls, and a hot dog stands as this will offer you a cheap platter. Cooking your food will reduce your expenses remarkably. There is also market hall for fresh food as food priced less here.
  • Alcohol is expensive in the country. If you want to save on the same, refrain from visiting the clubs and drinking wine as these are overpriced. If you want to drink, then opt for the happy hours. Buying liquor from the government stores is also a viable solution in this regard.
  • If you want to experience the beautiful and famous archipelago, refrain from the expensive morning and the sunset tours. Rather, you can opt for the cheap ferries and travel to the islands on the outer fringes.
  • Planning to carry few souvenirs back home then visit the shopping street or housewares by the Scandinavian designers. You will get these at an affordable price. Plan the purchase to avoid taxes on the purchases.
  • Accommodation and transportation is also expensive in the city. Booking in advance for the discounted transportation charge can be a good option. Using hotel points can help you to get cheap accommodation.

Thus, visiting the city is not a costly affair with these tips. Just know the ways to save the money and you will have a memorable and comfortable stay in the city.

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