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calgary tower

When you are in Calgary, Alberta, never miss a chance to climb the Calgary Towers. You do not need to climb it personally as there are two lifts that take visitors straight to the top. The main attraction of the place is the rooftop observatory. Watch the world as it moves beneath your feet. There are several buildings in Calgary that are taller than the Tower. However, there is nowhere in the city with such a wholesale view of the whole city. The round observatory ensures that visitors do not miss even one angle of the view with the 360° scale visibility.

Leave the ground behind

For those who need even more excitement the owners of the tower added the glass deck of 36 feet x 4.5 feet wide. It was on account of the centennial celebrations of the city in 2005. The tough glass bottom allows visitors to look down and get a birds’ eye view of Centre Street and 9th Avenue SW. If you have vertigo, it is better you have someone accompanying you to the deck. It will be bad for your holiday if you end up as an unconscious heap. Take baby steps to reduce your fear of heights and enjoy the moment. The feeling of being suspended in the air is exquisite, and the Tower is perfectly safe.

Fine dining experiences

Although many believe that the tower is merely a rooftop observatory, it is not the case. You will make a lot of interesting memories on the deck that is priceless. For instance, the fine dining restaurant on the observatory is a popular destination. The SKY 360 restaurant established after intensive and extensive renovations. The chic interiors are set off exquisitely against the backdrop of the city. The view of the city through the windows during the night is one you will never forget. It looks like the city of Calgary is ablaze with lights just for your sake.

Savor the authentic taste

It is not always just for the affluent either. There is a steakhouse, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, which offers some of the most succulent fares this side of the city. You can order from a range of dishes all made in the original recipe of this popular chain of restaurants. They are always ready with impeccable service and the sound of the sizzle to make you salivate. The best USDA Prime and Alberta beef cooked in a simple way. The taste will linger on with you as a part of your memories of Calgary. It is one the 2nd level of the Tower towards the base.

Priceless memories made

There are several other unique features of the tower that make it a landmark worth visiting. There is a gift shop too for the tourists to take home souvenirs. However, the most iconic feature of the tower is the Olympic Torch installed on the top to commemorate the 1988 Winter Olympics. The torch still burns on special occasions such as the day when the city instated, the Calgary Day. There are telescopes and multimedia kiosks strewn across the length of the deck to give the visitors the best views and lasting memories for life.

Image Credit: Kevin Cappis

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