Rejuvenate Your Spirit and Body at Manitoulin Island

                   Manitoulin Island

Canada is a land where nature has descended to sit majestically to bestow its bounties to the visitors to its doors. There are many priceless jewels here that are a marvel of heavenly imagination. The artistry and immense natural beauty of the place, leaves anyone who visits here with a feeling of awe. If you are preparing for a trip to the beautiful and rugged locales of Canada, never miss a chance to visit the Manitoulin Island. It is a place of exquisite beauty with rugged terrains that give way to breathtaking views of the land. It is an experience to which words cannot always do justice.

Historical and natural land

Land of the Anishnaabeg, the island is in many ways a marvel in itself. It is the largest freshwater island in the world with several lakes lining its shores. These have risen from some marvelous mountain streams that create beautiful waterfalls. One such natural marvel is the Bridal Veil waterfall. The water looks like a wispy and magical spray of water, where the white of the water seems like a veil fluttering on the face of a blushing bride. The chasm where the water drops down provides a natural swimming hole safe for both children and adults alike.

Beauty without bounds

Scenic beauty abounds in this location. A hike up the Cup and Saucer Trail will leave you breathless but not for just one reason. The exacting hike will be worthwhile when you lay your eyes on the nature’s bounty laid before you in feast of colors. Never miss a chance to visit the Great Spirit Circle Trail. They showcase the aboriginal lifestyles and traditions of the tribes of Indians who lived here since times immemorial. The guides here will direct your attention to some of the intriguing facts of the history of the place. Visit the Ojibway Cultural Center to get up close and cozy with the life of the region.

Discover the essence of life

It will be a shame if you do not visit the lakes and canoe down the banks. The lifestyle of the inhabitants of the island begins and ends in the outdoors. They like to go hiking, trekking, cycling, and never forget, canoeing. The traditions of the Anishnaabeg are kept alive in the hearts of the inhabitants with a multitude of hand-on activities that make your holiday a time of learning and fun as well. There is the “Festival of a thousand Skills” that organizes a number of workshops and training programs that allow you to take home a set of practical skills.

Relax in tranquility

The history of Manitoulin is old and dates back to ages when men were using stones for tools. With more than a score of settlements along the shores of the several lakes inland, the area is a veritable treasure house of possibilities. The region has adopted many of the cultures that moved through it along the ages. The sheer variety of food here is the biggest proof of these lands’ versatility. Restaurants and hotels are easily available owing to the large number of visitors round the year. Rivers, forests, meadows, hiking trails over the mountains are all compounded in stature with the Rockies in the background, watching over the land.

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