Popular Cities To Travel To In Europe When It Is Cold

Europe during winter

If you like to travel you might not think that traveling during the winter is a good idea.  However depending on how tough you are when it comes to braving the cold you might find that traveling through Europe in the winter is the perfect time to do so.  You will find that things are a little less expensive and the tourist crowds are few and far between.  Instead you will find that the streets will be full of the locals and you will be able to follow them as they head off to festivals and carnivals.  There are many different places through Europe that are awesome to travel to during the cold winter months.


When you travel to Brussels during the winter you might find that it will easily turn into one of your favorite winter destinations.  During the month of December Brussels is the hosts for the Winter Wonder Festival.  What this means to the non-locals of Brussels is that there is a Christmas market.  This market includes an enormous Christmas tree and there is a light and music show every night.  This is something that you do not want to miss.  You will also find yourself lost in the delicious smells of snacks and hot mulled wine.  Of course there are also plenty of vendors to purchase gifts from.  This is the perfect opportunity to complete your Christmas shopping.


December in Venice means one thing.  That one thing is that it is very cold there.  People typically think of Venice, Italy as a warm place to visit.  Venice can be very warm when you are there during the summer months.  However it is just the opposite when it is the winter months.  When you travel to Venice during the cold months you will find that you have the city virtually to yourself to explore and enjoy.  You can visit places such as St. Mark’s Square and Doge’s Palace where you might encounter a few other tourists but for the most part you will be by yourself and will not have to wait in line for anything.


Another Belgian city that is wonderful to travel to when it is cold is the city of Ghent.  This is a beautiful city filling with canals that can be compared to the canals in Amsterdam.  There is also a holiday market that is located in front of St. Bavo’s Cathedral.  But the real fun in exploring this city is the food.  You can find anything from mustard, to ham and even different beers.  If you are not sure about something all you need to do is ask and you will be given a sample.  This is the best way to learn the different tastes of the Ghentian cuisine.


One of the most beautiful cities in Europe is Paris.  This is even true during the winter months especially December.  The city decorates beautifully for the Christmas season and will often take you a full day just to travel through the Christmas markets.  There are also special food tours that you can take.  These tours will take you through the pastry shops and the bakeries that you will grow to love when sampling the seasonal treats.  You will also enjoy the unique Christmas traditions that are found when traveling through the city of Paris.

Traveling through Europe during the colder months might be tough if you cannot handle the cold weather.  However if you can be tough through the biting temperatures you will find yourself enjoying beautiful scenery and tasty treats.

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