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A tour to Italy is incomplete without visiting Mantua. It is a historic city which attracts tourists for its unique and sumptuous cuisine. Ancient towers, cupolas and domes make up the sky-line of the city. It is a romantic city located in North Italy which is the perfect destination for the curious and adventurous traveler. It is a city which is rich in art. Surrounded by serene lakes on three sides, Mantua boasts of cobbled squares and ducal palaces. The culinary tour of Italy is incomplete without halting at Mantua. It is a gastronomic haven which is dotted with some of the finest restaurants in the world.

Rich in art

Over the ages the beauty of Mantua has inspired authors, poets and artists. The temperature in summer in the city averages around 29 degrees Celsius. The coldest month is December. The Old Town Area in the city is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. It is the extra ordinary art and architecture which sets it apart. The site exudes the charm of middle ages and attracts tourists across the globe. One of the best ways to explore the city is with a bicycle. A trip to the three quiet lakes which surround the city is a must. As you trudge along the narrow path, you will catch sight of small boats which pass by.

A tranquil setting

Along the river banks, you will find the locals sunbathing and the fisherman patiently waiting for their next catch. It is the slow pace of the city which allures tourist. The area round the lake offers a quiet ambience which is the perfect destination for relaxation. You will enjoy pedaling through the narrow streets and the piazzas as you head towards the city. It’s the old-world charm of Mantua which mesmerizes the travelers.

Experience culinary delights

One popular dish which you must try is the tortelli di zucca which is ravoli with pumpkin stuffing. This dish is very popular in Mantua. You will come across restaurants which offer a feel at home experience. Talented chefs present culinary delights which will pamper your taste-buds. Some of the well-known dishes include tomatoes, aubergines and basil. The three cheese tortelli with Pecorino, Parmesan and Ricotta is a dish you should not miss. In Mantua, you will discover some of the best restaurants on the banks of rivers. It is the expertise of the pasta chefs which reflect in the delicate agnolini. Combined with sausage meat cooked in butter and Parmesan it is a dish to savor.

Alluring the tourists

At Mantua, you can indulge in some world-class music. Several events are held in the city all the year round making it a vibrant city. In the beginning of September, a literary festival is held in the city. Renowned writers and authors visit the festival from various destinations. Surrounded by the three lakes it is the perfect haven for water sport enthusiasts. Tour the beautiful city in one of the boat cruises and soak up the elegant architecture.

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