Luggage Packing Tips To Make Your Trip Easier

If you are like me you probably hate to pack your luggage when you are getting ready to travel on a trip.  People always tend to forget items or end up running out of room in their suitcase, which then causes you to have more than one piece of luggage.  In today’s travel world there are many airlines that require you to pay for your checked luggage and this can get pretty expensive especially if there is more than one person traveling at a time.  Keep reading to learn some valuable luggage packing tips that will help to make your travel experience easier and more fun.

What Colors Should I Pack

When you are trying to decide what colors you should pack for your trip you might find that solid colors are the best option.  This is because solid colors can be mixed and matched easily.  If you decide that you want to pack patterns be sure that you also pack something that can be worn with the patterns.  Packing stripes, polka dots or any other pattern are sometimes hard to match up with other patterns and can leave you with a wardrobe that is not very versatile.

Keep All Important Documents Together

When you are traveling you should be sure that you keep all of your important documents together in one safe spot.  These documents should include your passport, credit cards, driver’s license as well as your money.  It is also not recommended that you pack these items in your checked luggage.  Often times checked luggage gets delayed, broken into or even worse lost.  If you have these items in your checked baggage it is possible that they will turn up missing and then your trip would be ruined.


It is possible that you could travel for many days with just a couple changes of clothes.  You can change the look of your outfits and dress them up or down by simply packing accessories to go along with them.  Items such as scarves, jewelry, hats, sarongs, etc can be used and can give one outfit several different looks.  Of course if you are traveling for several more days that you are packing clothes for you will want to be sure that you have a way to clean the clothing.

Ziplock Bags

If you like to keep things neat and tidy you will want to pack several ziplock bags and maybe even a garbage bag.  These bags can be used for dirty clothes and shoes.  This will help you to keep your other clothing clean and tidy and will allow for you to keep the dirt from your shoes from getting all over everything in your luggage.

Carry On Luggage

When you are traveling no one wants to have items come up lost for this reason many people put items in their carry on luggage that should probably be in their checked baggage.  Here are a few items that should be in your carry on.  It is important to have all of your travel documents with you as well as any medication that you cannot do without.  Other items that should be in your carry on are things that you will want to have to keep you busy and from getting bored on the airplane such as a book, cell phone or even your computer.  Any other items unless very valuable such as jewelry should be in your checked baggage.

Packing for a trip is never easy hopefully the tips above will make it easier to decide what to pack and how to pack it.  You should remember that if you do forget something it is probably easy to get to a store so that you can purchase another.

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