Oh No You Lost Your Passport While Traveling What Now?

Lost Travelling Passport

While you are traveling outside, it is required that you have your passport with you. This is how you get in and out of the country. But what happens when you lost travelling passport abroad. It can be corrected but will cost you time, patience and money. The article below will help you to know what you need to do when lost travelling passport abroad.

Lost Travelling Passport Abroad :

File A Police Report

Many people do not understand the reason why you need a police report when you lost travelling passport abroad. It is important to have in the event that someone picks up your passport and tries to use it illegally.  You will also need it if you are going to file the costs involved in getting a new one with the travel insurance company.

Locate The Nearest US Embassy

The US Embassy can help you and if you are traveling in an unfamiliar country it is always a good idea to know where the nearest one is.  Once you find it you will need to schedule an emergency appointment.  The appointments are usually scheduled Monday to Friday without walk in allowed.

Apply For A New Passport

Applying for a new passport must be done in person.  You will need to complete the passport application and show a proof of US citizenship as well as a form of identification.  Often times having a copy of your passport with you will help to prove your identity. You will also need a copy of the police report and a passport photo.  If you do not have an extra copy of the photo you will need to have another one taken.  Other items needs to a replacement passport is a copy of your travel agenda which will need to include your plans for leaving the country you are visiting and finally the payment.  The US Embassy will probably only accept cash and maybe a credit card however they will not accept a personal check.  You will find that this is the general practice no matter what country you are visiting.


The most difficult step of the process is the waiting to get your new one.  Your temporary passport should arrive within twenty-four hours and is only valid for one year.  It is important that one you get back into the United States that you have your passport renewed and replaced with the passport that is good for ten years.  If while you are traveling and due to your lost passport you need to change or reschedule your travel plan you can call the travel agency for help with rescheduling your travel plans.

Losing your passport could potentially ruin your vacation and travel plans.  It is important to keep passport safe at all times but it is understood that accidents, natural disasters and people stealing items can happen.  What you should remember to do is keep all of the suggestions above in mind and keep a clear and level head about you.  If you can accomplish all of that then you will be on your way back home in no time.  A lost passport does not have to mean the end of the world but it does mean that it will cost you a little bit of your time, patience and or course money.

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