Lonely Planet Croatia Is The Paradise For Backpackers


The word, Croatia brings before our mind the beautiful picture of a serene place; vineyard, orchards, long beaches. The exotic place is ideal for a quiet vacation located on the shore of Adriatic Sea. Traditional architecture, beautiful scenarios, perfect weather are other exclusive features of this country. You can taste few world famous wines here. Croatia is a dream destination for the travellers especially those who are back from America. The country is heaven for backpackers for those who love travelling independently since the country is very safe. You will be able to roam around even at night.

The country is popular because of few reasons

Tourists’ heaven, Croatia is a country where travellers from various parts of the world feel comfortable while travelling since English is widely spoken in Croatia than other languages. Vacationers can easily rent a car to roam around the country but if you choose to avail public transport, you will get it very easily. Since tourism is the main industry here, you can choose hotels of every range starting from hotels of the cheapest rate to luxurious boutique hotels. Hotels of every range offer the travelers all the basic facilities. Being a solo traveler, you will enjoy your stay at reasonably priced hotel.

Other positive sides

Croatia is the heaven for foodies since you can get delicious dishes here, which include fresh pastas, Croatian prosciutto, risotto, fresh fish, palatable desserts and exclusive sweet dishes. Since Croatia is the heaven for travellers, the travelling infrastructure is very good in this country. Roads are in very good condition. You will enjoy driving across the country. The best part is you won’t have to get concerned about parking. Ask about parking while booking your lodging and people there will surely let you know the best place to park. If you are in Zagreb, don’t miss the delicious local desserts there.

Renowned places to visit

You can visit numerous islands and other eminent places from various points of this country. Pula is the gorgeous town of Rovinj consisting of the beautiful beaches and cute small towns like Labin, Motovun etc. Croatia’s capital, Zagreb is filled with attractive mountains around the place. It is also famous for its local crafts. If you visit, this place, don’t forget to stop before renowned Plitvice Lakes. From this gorgeous Dalmatian town, Zadar, you can go for small one-day trips to the Plitvice Lakes, the lovely waterfall, National Park, the other island of Pag. If you are a rock climber, you can visit the rock climbing spot Paklenica.

Beauty of Continental Croatia

Maximum visitors visit over 1000 islands in Croatia. But there are few places in Croatia, which are worth to visit, but most of the time they are ignored by the travellers. You can enjoy a slice of virgin farmland in the rural hotels, rocky wasteland; Zagreb has a new modern museum, antique magnetism, its unique festivals and events. If you are a backpacker traveller, you must visit Croatia, the most beautiful coastline in the globe. The country will give you an opportunity of losing yourself in its serene beauty of nature.

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