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Live As a Traveler

Travel saving tips and ideas are endless. Next time when you see a group of travelers, don’t think that they all are super rich. Some people travel the world even on a shoestring budget. All you need is getting smart about saving money for travel and this is how you can do it to live as a traveler.

Find a new way to make money

This may not sound like a money saving idea but it will bring more money to you. And yes, it requires you to come out of your comfort zone. A side hustle won’t be easy because you will be putting more time, more energy and more efforts to make it work. But it pays off. If you’re someone who is living paycheck to paycheck, it may not be possible to achieve your travel saving goals or to live as a traveler with the current work. You have to look for new ways to make money. It’s hard, but finding a side hustle is the most realistic way to save money. It won’t disturb your current lifestyle.

Learn new skills with a travel saving mindset

What skills can you learn to reduce unnecessary spending? For some people, cooking turned out to be a great way to save money at home and while traveling. Instead of buying food, learn how to cook. It can reduce the amount of money you spend when traveling and at home. You don’t have to give up on your morning tea, coffee or that spicy chicken. Just learn to prepare them for yourself and save money. If you rely on laundry service in hotels and even at home, reduce the costs by washing clothes by yourself. Here’s some other tips to start saving for your trips today!

Sacrifice comfort to live as a traveler

If it’s hard to create new income streams, sacrificing comfort for your travel saving goals can be a great idea. If possible, cut the accommodation cost as well as look for cheap accommodation while traveling. If you’re living alone, try to find a roommate or two. That way you can cut down your cost of living. Imagine you’re paying just half or one-third of your current house rent and electricity bill. If you can’t live with roommates, start searching for a home in a cheaper neighborhood. If you own a house, try to make money by renting out or listing your property. You can list your house on websites like Airbnb to earn rental income.

Sell unwanted stuff

If you can, sell the stuff you no longer need or can live without. Take a look around the house and you’ll see so many things eating up space. If you no longer need them, sell them on eBay and similar websites. There’s no point in keeping things as they will be collecting dust. You can sell your bicycle, motorbike, and even a car if you don’t need it. If possible, try using a bicycle instead of using a motorbike. You can save a lot of money on fuel. In this way, you will have more money to save to live as a traveler. When others are doing it, why can’t you?

Cut down on addiction

From alcohol to cigarette and caffeine, there are things which you don’t need but you keep buying. Some of these habits not only affect your travel saving goals, they damage your health as well. Using your travel saving to pay hospital bills won’t be fun. With that said, also look for ways you can cut more expenses to live as a traveler. When everything is available online, why do you need cable TV? Disconnect your landline phone and stop going to the gym. You can keep yourself healthy and fit by walking and running.

Keep learning

Learn new things every day and especially about the places you want to visit. Increase your knowledge about traveling and travel deals. See how much money is more than enough to spend quality time in your dream destination. Find ways to reduce the cost. Learn how you can save money on flight tickets and how you can book cheap hotels. Find ways to use your credit card points, and ask yourself how you can save more even if your savings are more than enough.

Practice frugal living

If you can’t do this throughout the month. At least try to live without money for a week. You don’t have to cut down on your basic needs like food, but try to spend money only when there’s no other option available. If you practice this for a week or on alternate days, you will get used to it. There are people who live frugal life even when they have so much. Warren Buffett is one of the finest examples.

Travel saving on the go

If you think that people who travel the world have a huge bank balance, this is not true in most cases. They don’t eat up their savings, they make money while traveling. There are many ways to do so. For example, you can start an online business and find ways to make money. A blog, freelance writing work, affiliate marketing, graphic designing projects, and programming skills can help you earn a decent amount of money to cover your travel expenses. But you’ll have to find reliable sources and most importantly, you can’t totally depend on such projects.

Some more ways

Your travel saving habit can help you in the long run. It will make you humble. It can help you learn how to take financial responsibilities and how to manage things all by yourself. Sadly, many schools don’t teach money management, so it’s up to you how you learn this skill and improve it.

If you can dream about traveling the world, you can do it. Even if your bank balance needs one or more zeros to fulfill that dream, it’s still possible. Have patience and keep saving. Meet local brands personally and if possible, share your travel plans with global brands as well. There’s nothing wrong if you write emails and let the world know what you’re going to do next. Many people get endorsement opportunities with simple email marketing.

Find a purpose and try using fundraising campaigns. If your goal is to just spend a night to see the northern lights, you will less likely to get attention. But if you’re traveling for something bigger than your personal goals, you’ll see opportunities knocking at your door. Sooner or later.

It’s not money that makes a travel plan successful, it’s your willpower that does magic.

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