Jobs That Will Take You Around The World

travel around the worldIf you like to travel you might be interested in having a job that will allow you to travel around the world and get paid for it.  You might be thinking to yourself that there are no jobs that will allow for that.  Well you are incorrect.  There are actually several that allow you to get paid for traveling the world and seeing the sights.  Below you will find ten different jobs that will allow for you to enjoy what you have been dreaming of.

Roadie For A Band

One of the coolest jobs around is being a roadie for a band.  If you like music and love to travel a lot this could be the perfect gig for you.  As a roadie you will be responsible for anything from being a sound engineer and rigging to being a technician for the artist’s musical instruments or you could be involved in the activities of a stage hand.  All of these jobs are fun and interesting while providing you travel as well.


The role of a nurse is needed everywhere.  If you are trained and have the qualifications as a nurse but you do not want to be stuck in a hospital or a doctors office your services are needed across the world.  As a traveling nurse you could earn money while traveling the world doing what you love and helping sick people.

Tour Guide

As a tour guide you can travel and work all at the same time.  This job is the perfect fit for you if you love history and you can keep a lot of facts and figures in your head.  It will require a good memory so be prepared.

Athletic Scout

If you are looking for the perfect reason to travel the world while still earning a paycheck being an athletic scout could be the perfect fit for you.  With this job you have the opportunity to freelance with many different teams at the same time while looking for the next big sporting legend.

Aid Worker

If you are interested in charity work and you want to take it even further you can do international charity work.  International aid will offer you the opportunity to help people and travel all at the same time.  This is a hard job but very rewarding all at the same time.


Teaching in another country can be a fun and rewarding opportunity and allow you to get paid all at the same time.  There are many people who go to other countries to teach English and fortunately there are many different jobs available.

Traveling Sales

If you are good at selling things and want to travel a traveling sales position might be the job for you.  While you are working you can get a feel for the country that you are in and feel like you can call it your second home.


If it is culture that you are interested in and you are love to meet new opportunities and discoveries the perfect job for you might be an archaeologist.  It is not just building things but it is also research in the area and living the good life.

Crew Member

As a crew member it does not matter if you are on a yacht or a cruise ship you are bound to do plenty of traveling and seeing the world.  As a crew member you can actually work on the boat or ship itself of be something such as a bartender or a chef.


As a child most of us loved the idea of being a pilot.  Being an international pilot will give you the opportunity to see a majority of the world while working.  It does take some schooling but once completed the options for you are endless.

Traveling the world and working is the dream of many.  However many people do not actually live out their dreams because they think it is too difficult.  The truth is that it is not difficult at all once you know what you want to do and you do it.

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