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When you are traveling to a foreign country it is always a good idea to find out what there must sees and the must dos are in the country that you are visiting.  We did just that when you traveled to Ireland.  Known as one of the top tourist attractions for people to travel to from all over the world Ireland is a country full of rich and deep heritage that goes back centuries.  But currently it is currently a modern and successful nation.  There are millions of tourists that travel every year to Ireland to experience the spectacular country for exactly what it is.  If you are traveling but on a tight schedule there are three sights that you will not want to miss while there.  Read on through the article below to find out exactly what these sights are.

Blarney Castle

There are many myths and legends known throughout Ireland however the most popular and well known is the Blarney Castle.  The castle alone is well worth the travel to it.  It is both a historical and architectural wonder.  But the top tourist reason to travel to the castle is the legendary Blarney Stone.  The thought is that if you kiss the stone it will grant you the gift of gab for seven years.  No one knows if this is true of not but in order to kiss the stone you have to hag upside down.  This makes for a great photograph and definitely a talking point when someone asks you about your experience.

Dublin’s Guinness Factory

When a person thinks of Ireland one of the first things that is associated with Ireland is drinking.  This is why Guinness has come out on the top as the most famous export out of Ireland.  Guinness started production over 100 years ago in Dublin, Ireland and believe it or not it is still made there today.  The factory that was originally used has not been opened to the public as a tourist area.  This gives the public the chance to see exactly how the popular Guinness is made from the beginning to the very tasty end.  Once the tour of the factory is complete you can even have the opportunity to enjoy a pint of Guinness.  The tour ends at the top of the factory and you can enjoy your pint while looking out of the entire city of Dublin.  This will give you a great view as well as a great drink to enjoy.  This is a definite must do while on your trip.

Giant’s Causeway

When a tourist is traveling through Ireland they will notice that not only is Ireland loaded with a very rich cultural heritage but also the scenery is something that you will never forget.  One of the natural wonders that you will not want to miss while visiting Ireland is Giant’s Causeway.  Be sure to have your camera ready and maybe even a video camera.  The natural beauty of the land and the natural habitat is something that you will want to keep in pictures forever.

The country of Ireland is known for its fantastic scenery and is a booming tourist area.  Do not be surprised to spend plenty of money while on your trip to Ireland as this is an expensive country to visit.  However if you only want to experience the rich culture and the beautiful scenery you cannot afford to miss out on this trip of a lifetime.

You can find the best deals and trip itineraries by checking with a travel agency.  They will help you plan the trip of a lifetime and will be sure that you do not miss out on any of the tourist areas that you want to be sure you see.

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