Enjoy Your Dream Holiday At Formentera Which Is A Magnificent And Spectacular Island

formentera island

It is the white sandy beaches and clear turquoise seas which are the main attraction of the quiet island Formentera. The beaches which are the major attraction in the unspoilt landscape are a sight to behold. No construction has taken place on the beaches which has left the beauty of nature unspoilt. Steps have been taken to protect the sand dunes at the beaches. Wooden walkways have been installed on the beaches which help the travelers to traverse the entire length of the beach without causing damage to the natural beauty of the place.

A popular destination

If you want to enjoy your summer in a peaceful and tranquil surrounding Formentera is the best choice. It is a paradise of the Balearic Islands which offers the perfect climate to bathe in the sea. Formentera is one hour’s sail from the well-known Ibiza Island. Although it is located close to Ibiza which has attracted the attention of tourists across the globe, Formentera is poised to become a popular tourist destination. In the small stretch of land, you can experience diverse scenery. From volcanic shores to golden fields of grain it is a spectacle you should not miss.

A beautiful spectacle

The main attraction of the island is the laid back appeal and the rustic feel which it offers. If you are on the lookout for a quiet holiday, it is Formentera where you should head to. The best way to navigate and explore the island is on a bicycle. If you are fit and strong, you can consider the human-powered bicycle. As you breathe the unpolluted air and gaze at the breathtaking scenes, it is an experience which is surreal. As there is no airport in Formentera, you will have to fly to Ibiza. A ferry departs from Ibiza every 30 minutes in the holiday season.

Wonderful beach experience

It is the lack of action in the island which attracts the travelers. It is a destination where less is more. For centuries, Formentera was unvisited and unexplored. It is the slow lifestyle and the unspoilt serene surrounding which is the main feature of this island. When you decide to visit and laze on the white sandy beaches, you will be provided with beach umbrellas, deckchair and refreshment. Finding the right gear for water sports will not be difficult. As the only means of reaching Formentera is by boat from Ibiza the traffic to the island is very small.

A World Heritage site

Steps have been taken to preserve the pristine nature of the island. It is the crystal clear waters and the pristine beaches which attracts tourists across the globe. The expanse of water from Ibiza to Formentera is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the seaweed fields. These fields hold great importance to the ecosystem as they act as filters. They filter the pollution and the sediment ensuring that the finest sand is deposited on the shore. Enjoy the seclusion as you sit beside the crystalline waters and gaze at the beautiful horizon.

Image Credit: André Pipa

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