Is it Possible To Hitchhike In America From Coast To Coast

HitchhikeThere are many people who still use the method of hitchhiking to get where they need to go. There are also the people who will always keep the belief that traveling by hitchhiking is not a safe method and they would never attempt to do it. In this article you will read about one man’s journey to travel across America from coast to coast simply by hitchhiking. He has his ups and downs while traveling but in the end he gets where he needs to go.

Choosing A Route

Selecting a route is not an easy choice especially when you are traveling from one coast to the other. If you are traveling during the summer months, which are recommended so that you do not freeze to death in some of the colder climate, states you might want to consider staying in the northern part of the country. This will help you to avoid the scorching heat of the summer. There is also the decision of taking back roads or the longer highways. These are all choices that should be made along the way. Hitchhiking is all about where you will be picked up and where you will be dropped off. Who knows you might get lucky and find someone who is traveling to the exact place you are going. Of course do not get your hopes up because that is probably not going to happen.

Where To Spend The Night

When you are hitchhiking there are plenty of decisions to be made on where to spend the night. If you are smart you will have packed a small one-person tent and a sleeping bag that you carry with you. Of course because you are carrying this you do not want it to be heavy at all. When you start to get sleepy or just need to rest having a tent and a sleeping bag with make it easy to set up a small camp somewhere in the woods. This will also leave you the option of paying to stay at a campground. Many hitchhikers will do this simply so that they can take a shower every once in a while.

Another good idea is to stay at a cheap motel. Not only will you get to sleep in a bed but also you can connect with the world through free wifi, get a shower, watch television and occasionally you will find a motel with a complimentary breakfast provided. This will give you all of the comforts of home.

Another option and a free place to stay is to check in with This is a website that will set you up to sleep on the couches or extra bedrooms of the local residents of the area that you are in. This is a great chance to meet the local people and have them give you advice and show you around.

Is Hitchhiking Illegal

When asking the question on whether or not it is illegal to hitchhike in America you will find the answer as both yes and no.   When you are standing on the side of a major highway or interstate and you are asking for rides this is considered illegal. The reason it is illegal is because it is dangerous to you and to other drivers along the road.

However in most states it is not illegal is you are asking for a ride while you are on the ramp getting onto the highway or interstate. You will also find that the laws will differ from state to state. It is also not uncommon to find that police officers will interpret the law different than others.

Hitchhiking can be very adventurous but it can also be very dangerous because you never know who you are going to run into. Be wary of who you accept rides from and if your gut tells you not to do it and go about your own way.

Image credits to : Michael Tapp

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