Be Awestruck By The Heavenly Sunset In The Island Of Ko Lanta

ko lanta

Ko Lanta is the hidden paradise in the country of Thailand. It is a beautiful island that seems like a part of heaven. This place is famous among the travelers that enjoy the serenity that nature has to present. Located in the Andaman Coast of Thailand this island is about 25 Km long. It is mainly known for its long stretch of beaches. Dipping your feet in the white sand and taking stroll is an enthralling experience for many. The lush green environment all around is certainly a treat to your eyes, as well as, soul. In short, this island will be a perfect visit for those that loves exploring new places.

The wonders to explore

The main attraction of the place is a natural beauty. The beauty is not only above the water. When you go for diving you will be amazed to discover the underwater beauties of nature. Another attraction of this place is the sunset. You will enjoy most stunning and mesmerizing sunset on this island. It is said that this place is filled with a unique mixture of crimson and auricle light when the sun takes a dip in the sea. This place is not overcrowded with the tourists and thus it is loved by many. The main section of the travelers consists of those that love natural beauty and scuba driving.

The shelter and food

There are different hotels in the island where you can stay. Few years back, there were only Bungalows available for accommodation. They are the most affordable ones. If you are tight on budget, then taking accommodation in the bungalows will prove to be a good option. There are restaurants and bars on the beaches. You can get quality and affordable cuisines of Thailand. The development of this island is taking place slowly. It is done to avoid the overcrowding of the travelers. There are many that are still unknown about the sight this island has to offer. So, if you are in Thailand do not forget to visit this place.

Getting around in the island

This island presents limited options of transportation for the travelers. The main mode of transportation to reach this island is through the buses. You can also take a cab, but you need to extend your budget. When you are in the island, then it is advisable to take the help of the motorbikes. This place has many things to offer to the travelers. To explore the true essence of this place, taking the motorbike is the best idea. The bikes are available for rent in affordable amount. There are tuk-tuks to hire that can take you round the beaches. Moreover, you can also hire the boats to explore the water.

Knowing more about the place

There are exciting caves that you can explore in the place. Sea kayaking is sure to present you with exciting sports. There are different villages that will help you in knowing about the culture prevailing in the Island of Ko Lanta. You can be sure to have a memorable trip.

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