7 Tips to Get Over Jet Lag : Simple Hacks for Recover from Jet Lag

get over jet lagHow to get over jet lag? This is one of the most asked questions among international travelers. There are hundreds of tricks to beat jet lag but only a few of them actually work. Here we have picked 7 best tips to get over jet lag. These jet lag tricks science-backed and also approved by many frequent travelers. One of these tips to get over jet lag is even approved by the queen of England.

Switch to the local time immediately

There’s no better way to get over jet lag than adopting the timezone of the place you just landed. Try to disconnect yourself from the previous timezone as soon as you can. If it is lunchtime in the new place, go have lunch and spend your day like how you would do in your timezone of origin. If you normally take dinner at 8 P.M. then wait until that time. Do the same to adjust your sleeping habits.

There are people who take vitamins to get over jet lag, others try to eat and sleep at their normal time. Unless there’s a very small change in the time, you can’t stick to your original routine for a long time. You will have to adopt the changes and the best way to get over jet lag is switching to local time.

And try this jet lag hack

Hacking jet lag is completely possible. You will see many flight attendants and passengers look fresh and very calm even after a long flight. You may have met people who say that jet lag never affects them. It’s true because they follow simple tricks to beat jet lag. If you’re landing in a different time zone, force yourself to follow the local time. Jet lag hates daylight and fresh air. If you are feeling tired but it is local lunchtime, stay awake, go outside, walk and don’t go to bed until it’s local bedtime.

Your body may request you to sleep. Resist this temptation and be firm. The more you’re exposed to the light and fresh air, you will feel comfortable, less tired and less sleepy. Try this because people who travel a lot, do this effectively.

Avoid in-flight entertainment

Movies may not help you sleep but they can do just opposite to what you are expecting. The blue light may delay your sleep and affect your sleep cycle. Stop using in-flight entertainment for at least one hour before you sleep. It’s not possible for your body and mind to go into sleep mode immediately after putting your phone away. Spend at least one hour without distractions, focus on your breathe and try to sleep while you can.

Remember that alcohol may not help you sleep and you can’t get over jet lag with the help of alcohol. A cup of warm water can help you stay hydrated. So choose water not alcohol if you want to beat jet lag after your flight.

The scientific way to get over jet lag

Many people use melatonin to get over jet lag, especially those who travel for a long time. You can use melatonin but don’t do it just because your friends are. Even small amount of any medicine should be taken after proper consultation. The amount of melatonin should be lower than 5mg. You can take it 30 minutes before your desired sleep time.

Be careful with such medicines because melatonin, in its natural form, is a hormone produced by our body. The hormone tells our brain that it’s time to sleep and it makes our body follow the order. Cigarette, alcohol, and light can reduce the effectiveness of melatonin. Most importantly, use melatonin only if your physician recommends. There are many other scientific ways to beat jet lag. Avoiding caffeine and increasing your water intake can help you. You can also try breathing exercise or spray rose water on your face to feel fresh and energetic.

Try this trick to get over jet lag

One of the simplest ways to get over jet lag is putting your bare feet on the ground. This method is called “Earthing” and it works well. After your arrival, just take off your shoes and walk on dirt, sand or grass. Do this for at least 30 minutes. Jet lag is an imbalance and what’s better than taking help of earth to reduce its impact.

To better understand why this crazy method works, you need to learn a bit about electronics. When you are not directly in contact with earth, especially when you’re on an airplane, your body loses touch with negative electrons. When you put your bare skin on bare earth, the negative electrons connect with the positive electrons of your body. By doing this, you’re re-clocking your body. Try this trick because it helps.

Don’t rush to bed

Some people start thinking about going to bed as soon as the airplane touches the ground. They get out of the airport with an aim to sleep for hours. If you do so, just say no to immediate sleep right after a long flight. Stretching can help you get over jet lag. It helps your body feel normal and when you stretch your body with light exercise, you come out of that feeling of being confined on an airplane.

Soon after reaching your destination, spend some time on light exercise. You are already tired but spending 20 minutes on light exercise will make you feel relaxed. It will reduce the imbalance you’re feeling. Through breathing and stretching, your body starts getting adjusted to the new environment.

Carry your habits from home

Have you ever wondered how business tycoons, world leaders, and celebrities deal with jet lag? Well, they have access to some of the world’s finest food, medication, and required accommodation, but one thing they have no control over jet lag. Carrying your habits like sleeping and eating in line with the new time zone can help synchronize your body clock. It helps you feel comfortable in the new environment both en-route and on arrival.

Did you know that the queen of England carries barley sugar with her to beat jet lag? Being a frequent traveler, this is her way to get over jet lag and adjust. According to health experts, travelers should mentally and physically prepare themselves for jet lag.

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