Fun And Exciting Day Trips Away From Venice


If you are currently traveling or will be traveling in Venice you will find that it is not only a wonderful city but also it is beautiful as well.  However there are times that when you are traveling that you want to change up the pace and even the scenery even if it is only for one day. There are many options that will allow for you to take trips out of Venice.  The good news is that most of these day trips are a very short trip on a train or a car ride.  Here are several different ideas for you.


If you are looking to do some extra sightseeing you might be interested in traveling to Ravenna.  There are many different old churches to tour.  Many of these churches date back at least 1,500 years ago.  This will take you about a two-hour train ride from Venice but is worth every minute of it.  This is the perfect place to take a walking tour or even a bicycle tour.  The central city section is a very popular place to walk and bike.  Many stop to see the Basilica di San Vitale that have many beautiful mosaics.  The town square itself dates back to 1500 and has an indoor market that is very colorful where you can buy snacks.  You will definitely find that a trip to Ravenna is worth a day’s time.


Another day trip from Venice that is very popular is a trip to Padua.  This is city is the oldest city in northern Italy.  This city has been reported to be founded by the Trojans in the twelfth enter BC.  One of the top attractions in this city is the Scrovegni Chapel.  There is an important series of frescoes that were pained by Giotto when he was older.  These paintings are considered to be a masterpiece of the fourteenth century.


Only thirty-seven short miles from Venice is the historic city of Vicenza.  This city is most famous for its architecture especially those buildings that we built by Andrea Palladio.  The most famous of these buildings is the Teatro Olimpico.  Visitors to this city will want to take a stroll through the historic section.  They will also want to take in some of the museums, art galleries n the public squares.  By traveling just a small distance out of the city you will find the Villa Rotonda.  Many times this is the reason why people travel to Vicenza.  Palladio designed this building in 1591 but what makes it unique is that all of his ideas were incorporated into this one building and it is breathtaking.


If you are a fan of Shakespeare this is a must visit place.  This is where the popular stories of Romeo and Juliet, The Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Taming of the Shrew are set here.  However this is not the only reason to visit here.  Another popular tourist attraction is the Ponte Scaligero.  This is a bridge that was first built during the first century but it was destroyed in World War II and the rebuilt.  There is also the Arena which is the most famous structure located in Verona.  This is a very large Roman amphitheater that is starting to crumble on the outside but is still completely functional.

As you can see there are many different places to travel to that are only a few minutes to a few hours away from Venice.  Some are close enough to take a short car ride while others might require you to travel by train.  Either way you will enjoy the day trips away from the scenery of Venice.

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