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If you are traveling to Modena, Italy you might be wondering what type of food that you will be served while you are there.  You will notice that the types of food will differ depending on where in Italy you are visiting.  If you are visiting in Modena you will soon understand why this area has been coined the breadbasket of Italy.  Here are some recommendations on what to eat while you are in Modena.


If you are wondering what prosciutto is you will soon learn that is it made from the hindquarter of a pig and dried out meaning all of the moisture was sucked out.  It used to be that prosciutto was air dried and salt cured.  You will find that all over Northern Italy you will find many different companies that produce prosciutto.

Balsamic Vinegar

When you think of Balsamic Vinegar you are probably thinking of the items that you can purchase in the grocery store.  However the traditional balsamic vinegar that you will find in Modena is something that is completely different.  You will be quick to learn that there are many different types of balsamic vinegar products that can be purchased and each one will have its own use.

 Lambrusco Wine

If you are interested in what type of wine to drink while in Modena you will learn that Lambrusco is the wine to be consumed.  This is a light wine that is young in age and that goes perfect with the Modenese meat and pasta.  It is a red sparkling wine that is double fermented.  The first time is for alcohol and the second time is for bubbles.

Parmigiano Reggiano

When in Modena the production of cheese is strictly define with how easily the cheese is identified.  There will be marking on the side of the cheese which will indicate where it was made and what date it was produced on.  Parmigiano Reggiano is a local product that can only be produced in Bologna, Modena, Mantua, Parma and Reggio Emilia.  This cheese must be aged for at least twelve months or even up to twenty-four month.  Once is has aged it is then inspected and approved when it meets the structural and the flavor requirements.


Tortellini is a circle shaped pasta that is usually filled with pork loin, ham, mortadella, eggs, nutmeg and parmigiano cheese.  This is a popular dish when in Bologna or Modena.  The difference between the to different cities is the amount of meat that is in the filling.  But it does not matter where you eat it you will want to savor every bite.


Tortelloni is often confused with tortellini.  This is because it is similar in shape but upon closer inspection you will find that it is much larger and not usually served with a meat sauce or with butter and sage.  The other main difference is that tortelloni is usually dilled with ricotta and parsley.

Mostarda di Frutta

When it comes to finding condiments in Modena you will find that Mostarda di Frutta is one of the most popular ones.  This condiment is on the sweet and spicy side and is made from candied fruit.  You might want to try it while you are in Italy because once you get back to North America you will not be able to copy the recipe.  This is because it requires mustard oil and banned in North America because it can be used to create home made bombs.

When you are in Italy you will find that there are many different types of dishes that you will want to try.  The above examples are only a few of what is available.  It is recommended that you try as many of them as you possibly can while visiting.  This is not the time to start a diet.

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