ko lanta

Be Awestruck By The Heavenly Sunset In The Island Of Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta is the hidden paradise in the country of Thailand. It is a beautiful island that seems like a part of heaven. This place is famous among the travelers that enjoy... Read more »
Bon Ton Resort

Experience Ultimate Luxury At 5 Of the Most Intimate South-East Asian Hotels

The boutique hotel is a luxury hotel, but it’s a small luxury hotel. The number of rooms is usually lesser than any grand and big luxury hotel. The frenzied activities of launches,... Read more »
beaches of Ahmed

Uncommon Places To Visit While In Bali

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Is Traveling To The Philippines Safe

If you are thinking of traveling to the Philippines you might be wondering if it is safe.  There is plenty of unrest in the world today and the Philippines are often attracting... Read more »
pashupatinath temple

You Can Enjoy Nepal In A Week’s Time Or Less

If someone suggested traveling to Nepal and visiting the great country but you only had about a week’s time to enjoy it you might say that the person was crazy.  However it... Read more »