Best Travel Jobs for Traveling around the World

If you are that person who loves traveling but having financial constraints transforming you into a money-saving machine, well I feel you. Saving money for traveling for years sucks only to enjoy yourself for few weeks abroad before running out of funds. Many of us start traveling blogs hoping one day while you are still abroad you can make a career out of travel writing. But fortunately, there are many ways to generate money while traveling. I’ve come up with moderate to best travel jobs for traveling around the world. Feel free to stop by because it will be worth your time for sure.

10. Become a Freelancer

In this era of the digital age, we are living in is becoming more common to start a company does not matter the size. A lot of these companies travel full time and work from cafes. Well, it is some kind of small revolution going out there. Write more on traveling blogs I can only advice you to start somewhere. You may choose to become a food blogger of different communities in the world or fashion blog just to mention a few. Write, edit and with time you improve the way you write, what you write about then build your audience and how to connect with your readers around the continent. Every great or successful person will tell you that work for free on something that you love until you get paid to do it. And soon you will make it your full-time career. Here are some cool tips to balance your work and traveling better at the same time.

9. Photography and Filming when Traveling

When you streaming videos on Youtube, you have come across traveling vlogs where people share their traveling videos? Well if you are talented in filming industry and you stay on the road full time. This is your chance to start creating films and share it on any video sharing platforms like Facebook and Youtube. You only need a camera and get more training to make your craft perfect and then sell your videos and photos online and make more funds for your traveling. You only need a small amount of money to buy the equipment and a strong knowledge of video, editing, networking and marketing and this will be one of your best travel jobs for traveling around the world. While following the path to choose photography as a career, these mandatory photography rules might come in handy.

8. Travel Organizations

If you have traveled a lot, you must have learned two or more things related to traveling. If you travel with friends or family and found yourself booking air tickets, hotel rooms for them, then this might be one of the best travel jobs for you. Becoming a travel agent, as a matter of fact, you can end up being invited on family and friends trips and receiving heavy discounts for your own holidays.

7. Busking

Basically, this where one has unique talent believe it or not you can make a living out of it! It may be a party trick that may entertain a mass of people in a different culture society from yours. Busking is the simplest way to earn money even though the income may vary but hey, work for free on something that you love until you get paid to do it! For example, if you are great at surfing or skiing. You may start a training station in the country you have visited. And take the people there on surfing and skiing lessons and earn yourself money.

6. Working for International Hotels or Traveling Agencies

When working abroad one can start with working at home it is one of the best travel jobs for traveling around the world. If you land yourself a job in an international hotel in your country there are possibilities of transferring to other hotels within the hotel hence work while traveling.  You may be great at mixing cocktails. One can become a bartender as long as you have working visas required in the country you are in, you are guaranteed to find a job in a bar somewhere. And hey, as long as you gain more experience the more job opportunities will be available for you.

5. Import and Export Business

In this era, it is easy for you to import and export anything as long as it is accepted in the country you are. In fact import and export business is another best job for traveling around the world because of the globalization around the continent; everyone is looking for new things to look into. You need entrepreneur skills and attitude that is not giving up. It is a great excuse for traveling for work that is if you can make it work. You may buy items from Amazon under your own brand, it has become a common way to make money while traveling these days.

4. Flight Attendant

That’s right! This is one of the best travel jobs for traveling around the world especially to those who love traveling. It is the most attainable and enjoyable traveling jobs in the world, imagine spending hours, night or two days in a foreign city? Of course, this comes with crazy hours and a lifestyle but for traveling lovers won’t be cumbersome. But it will earn you heavy discounted flights for you and your family.

3. Tour Guide

If you love to walk in the game parks, this is the best job for traveling around the world for those who are outgoing and friendly. It will be great living in a foreign country like East Africa showing travelers who love to travel just like you. That is f you love chatting and being passionate about the new country you are in.

2. Working in a Government or Parastatal related Organization

If you love traveling, you might consider working for your government or working for NGO’s like the United Nations. You will wander off into the world. But most likely you will be required to have an international relations degree. After studying international relations you will seek a job in a government-related position in foreign affairs and trade. These kinds of a position will lead to wide traveling opportunities anywhere in the world without your choice. But since you love traveling this should not be a challenge to you.

1. Teaching English: One of The Best Travel Jobs

English is one of the most used languages in this world.  Speaking English might seem easy but in many foreign countries, it is not as easy as it might be in your country. You might want to teach English in foreign countries, it will be rewarding for you and your new foreign friends. It will allow you to travel around the world with ease. However, in a lot of foreign countries, you will be required to have certification from the government in the country you are in. but as long as you are qualified you can get the certification with ease!

Well, there is no magic ways to make money while traveling. It will require hard work and sacrifice and of course a lot of time which many of us really do not think of it much. And it is not easy to work and travel at the same time either you have to learn how to balance the two. So I urge every traveling fanatic to start making their dreams come true.

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