Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Travel Scams

When we are traveling, we do not think that a scam is going to happen to us.  Truth be told most of us have been a victim of a scam, and many of us may not even know it. While some of the scams are completely obvious other scams are well hidden until you find out much later.  You should not have to be paranoid while you travel. That will just give you another thing to worry about, and you end up not enjoying your travels because of travel scams . However, it is important to be aware of different items and keep your eye open for a scam. This article will explain a few of the latest travel scams are finding themselves victims to and how to avoid them.

Avoid Travel Scams

Check Your Bill Carefully

When you are dining out, it is easy to lose track of time.  After lingering over your meal and after dinner drinks it is easy just to get your bill and pay it.  Often we do not even check to see what items are on the bill.  There are many restaurants as well as other establishments that count on your not paying attention to what is on your bill.  You need to be sure that the items that are on your check are the ones you ordered and there are no additional items or the more expensive items that are on the menu.

Phantom Apartments

If you are trying to save money one of the places you will want to save is through your lodging options.  Many will choose a short stay apartment.  You should always book these through an agency that has a good reputation and not an individual.  There are many scammers out there with a fake apartment for rent advertisements.  If you decide this is the way that you want to go you need to be sure that you verify all parts of the apartment.  In fact, you can even ask for a copy of a utility bill in the owner’s name to be sure that the apartment is truly on the up and up.

Use Cash Or Keep A Close Eye On Your Credit Card

A credit card is an easy target for someone who is out to scam you.  It is recommended that you keep your credit card with you at all times or pay cash.  You should never let anyone take your credit card away to somewhere you cannot see it.  One of the largest areas for credit card fraud to happen is at a flea market.  This is an area where you should stick to using cash only.

Get Prices In Writing

When you are getting a price quote in a hotel room, you should always get it in writing.  Many times a hotel will tell you that you heard the quote wrong and you are stuck paying a higher price because you do not have a hotel room booked anywhere else.  This can put a major ding in your traveling budget.  You should always have the quote sent to you in writing and always ask for a receipt at the end of your hotel stay.

Do Not Let Anyone Else Move Your Luggage

When you are traveling, you might be to the point where you are tired, lost and completely stressed out and the last thing that you want to do is mess with your luggage.  It is important not to let anyone take and move your luggage for you.  This is for several reasons the first being that they could steal your belongings and the second that you could be used as an unsuspecting carrier and you could get into trouble.

The items listed above are only a few of the most common travel scams.  You should always be careful of your surroundings and keep all of your items with you at all times.  This will lead to happy travels and a happy pocketbook.

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