The Lessons For Life With A Climb To Mount Kilimanjaro

mt kilimanjaro

Nature is ready to present valuable lessons to human, only if you are willing to accept. There are different places where one can travel. The mighty creations of nature can also teach you some valuable lessons about life. A climb to Mount Kilimanjaro is a worth sharing experience. It is a dormant volcanic mountain situated in Africa. Other than being the highest mountain in Africa, this range is also the highest free-standing mountain of the world. It is located at 5,895 meters above the sea level. The experience of climbing this mountain is exceptionally alluring. It also will make you come face to face with yourself.

Conquering your fear

The mountain is high, and it’s mighty. The entire journey is covered within three to four days. Needless to say, there are also some dangers that you may face during your climb. The official reports even state that about eight to fifteen people dies in this mountain. However, your first step of conquering fear is then when you take a step towards climbing. It teaches you that life can be fearful but you need to have a little faith to move forward. It also teaches that no matter what in your life you need to keep moving forward. Moreover, you realize that the danger is real, but the fear is a mere creation of your imagination.

Slow and steady

There is an old saying that being slow, but steady helps you in winning the race. Well, this is the same lesson that you will learn during your climb. When you are climbing, then the guides will often tell you to walk slowly. You may be excited to reach the top but walking slowly has its advantages. It helps you in restoring your energy to go a long way. Moreover, it also helps you in enjoying the surrounding beauty of your journey. It helps you in getting emerged in the wonderful experience that you are accumulating. It is the same feeling that you will collect by slowing down a little in your busy life.

Taking break and looking back

The journey is long, and it can be tedious. Thus, you need to take occasional breaks. Whenever, you take a break do not forget to look around. Moreover, be sure to look back. It will not only bring you the beauty of nature but will also tell you about your success. It is tough to carry on the journey, and there are times when you just want to sit on the mountainous road. However, in the end you gather up your strength and walk to the top. It is exactly what you need to do in your life. Climbing this mountain range can help you in knowing more about yourself that was even hidden from you.

It’s good to take help

When you are climbing make sure to maintain a cordial relation with the guides, cooks and the other climbers. They are the one that will help you in getting enthusiasm in finishing your journey. They will motivate you to reach the top and enjoy the immense beauty of the mountain. It is just that same in your life where your friends and family acts as a support and helps you in relishing the beauty of life.

Image credits: John Frisch

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