9 Tips for an occasional weekend getaway from your boring 9-5 job life!

A weekend getaway is a great way to make yourself feel special and do special things. With simple and easy to follow travel tips, you can make the most of it. The most important thing you must follow is not carrying the boredom of your 9-5 job life on a weekend trip. You only get a couple of hours to make your weekend getaway the best, so don’t miss the opportunity. Try these 9 tips for an occasional weekend getaway.

Choose the right destination

Even the thought of taking a short break from the 9-5 job life gives a lot of happiness. When you decide to disconnect yourself for a weekend, all you think of is going to someplace away from the current location. If you’re the one who says any place is a good place if it’s not an office, think again. Not every single destination can make you feel happy. Do some research and think about what you actually want to do on the weekend. Do you want to go to places where you can enjoy a night out or you want to stay alone close to nature? Ask yourself and pick the destination accordingly.

And fix a date for the trip

People make weekend travel plans and unfortunately, these plans never take shape. Many of us don’t know when is the time we are actually going to make it happen. Fix a date so that you can complete all your projects well in advance. Inform your boss and family so that their spontaneous plans don’t spoil yours. Spend less time in traveling. If you’re going abroad, take direct flights because you wouldn’t want to spend your entire day at an airport. So, fix the date and plan accordingly.

Plan ahead

You plan everything so well at your job, so why not use that expertise in planning your weekend trip this time. You wouldn’t want to search hotels after arriving at your destination city. Make plans before you leave so that you can travel and stay peacefully. Keep a list of hotels, restaurants, and places you want to visit. Make bookings in advance. Prioritizing activities will help you save time and see more things. Planning ahead can make your weekend getaway much more enjoyable.

Or step out with a basic plan

If you are someone who hates over-planning and strict schedule, don’t plan everything. Let the journey unfold new surprises. In your daily life, you follow a schedule, but the weekend can be a great time to challenge yourself. It’s good if you could come out of your comfort zone. Plan basic things and leave some room for spontaneous plans and decisions. This is not the time to follow a strict to-do list. Don’t feel sad if you couldn’t do all the things you have planned for. Live in the moment and be happy about it. Just pack your bag and get let’s get moving.

Make friends with locals

Your friend circle is never too big to include some new interesting people. Wherever you go, make some friends, and it doesn’t mean that you have to be pushy. If you’re traveling to some other city or country, open up to someone who knows the place well. Even if you’re an introvert, try to get recommendations from locals. Don’t waste your time sleeping in your hotel room, go out, make the most of the limited time you have got.

Decide if you want to go solo

Solo trips are always fun, but if your family can join you, take them with you as it will double your fun. You can also enjoy your time alone and do what you want. If you’ve been waiting to spend some time alone, go solo. To clear your thoughts about something without any interruptions, travel alone. If you’ve got a good company of friends with whom you can enjoy your time, it’s better to travel in groups. It will not only help you do more, it will strengthen your bond with your loved ones.

But there should be a purpose in every weekend getaway

Don’t travel without a purpose. Your purpose doesn’t necessarily have to be big. Make sure that your weekend trip is not just a holiday, it’s a way to invest in yourself. Try to get something out of it. There must be something to accomplish – that business plan you’ve been thinking about or something you wanted to decide after a deep conversation with yourself.

Say no to emails and business calls

The biggest advantage of a weekend getaway is that you’re less likely to worry about work. If you still feel the urge to check your emails and calls, try to stay disconnected. People these days find it very hard to disconnect no matter how exhausted they are. Remember, when you’re on a quick weekend holiday, you’re just a couple of hours away from Monday morning. Resist the urge and enjoy the holiday as much as you can.

Come back with a plan for your next trip

On a weekend getaway, you plan many things for your next trip but when you come back those desires go away. Travelers promise themselves that they will be taking their next trip soon, but they break such promises. If you are one of them, keep a travel log book and document your journey.

Collect tickets, receipts, photographs and write down everything you’ve learned. Write about people you’ve met. Note down all the experiences that made you feel great about your weekend trip. Write at least five reasons why you should take more trips in the future. When you come back, keep this travel log on your desk and see how it motivates you to travel again.


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