8 Travel Tips for Unplanned Adventure

Unplanned adventureAn unplanned adventure can be a lot of fun and these travel tips can make it even better. Sometimes you need to plan ahead, but sometimes you have no other choice than making last-minute arrangements. Going on an unplanned trip doesn’t mean that you’re letting things happen to you. A spontaneous tour can be a great way to avoid over-planning. So, next time when you’re out without a plan, use these 8 travel tips for a safe and happy journey.

Make a quick list

Don’t panic because it’s not going to help you in any way. Make a list of things you need to get done before you step out. And also make a list of things you can’t travel without. Your IDs, tickets, medicines, credit cards, and other essentials while you can. Even though you’re flying and not driving, you need to take the essentials. If you’re going by car, check the battery, tires, fluids, and brakes.

When you plan to head to your dream destination, it’s easy to add so much to your trip plan. You can physically enjoy all the activities you have planned and everything you wanted to see. However, you may end up with lack of connection. Because of constant moving, you cannot deeply connect yourself with the places you see. You must slow down and pick your adventures smartly to be able to get a more intimate feel for the places.

Forget to say “NO”

Every unplanned adventure requires an open mind. Before you move out from your home or hotel room, accept the fact that things may or may not be in the way you expect. There are chances you may not be able to find good food, easy access to water or other essentials. For most of the things, you can plan before and during your journey, but since you’re on an unplanned adventure, things may not look the way you expected.

In the beginning, it can be painful because an unplanned adventure can make you feel silly. It shows you what you are in this big world and what you have. It shows you a clear picture of your personality and it can sometimes indicate that you need to grow up. Travel makes you humble. It makes you realize just how small you are in this big world. So don’t say “NO” to new adventures.

Make friends with locals

If you are in doubt, don’t hesitate. Ask questions to locals. The internet and your travel guidebook can offer a lot of information. To learn more about a place and realistic conditions, you can’t completely rely on the internet. Take help of hotel staff, taxi driver, shopkeepers, and bartenders. The more open you are to these people, the more comfortable they will feel. They can give you authentic information about the things you are curious to know about. Don’t always doubt people because not every one of them is planning to cheat you. Be careful about who you talk to. The key is – don’t give them too much information.

Many travelers try to pretend that they are not tourists or new to a place. The “I know everything” attitude is pointless. Embrace your lack of knowledge about the place because it will work to your advantage.

Be open to Plan B

Your unplanned adventure also needs some basic planning. For example, you’re in a hotel and want to visit some more cities. It’s tempting to book accommodation for your whole stay, but don’t do it. When you travel, some places make you stay longer than planned and some places don’t. Give yourself some time to get a feel for how long and where you can stay. It will not only help you save time and money, it will also give you peace of mind.

You can’t cover all of Europe in two weeks. Even if you try, you’ll end up spending most of your time traveling. Always be open to changes that improve your experience and comfort.

Money matters, so use it wisely

Not every store accepts credit cards as a primary mode of payment. If you’re going abroad, you may not find foreign exchange service available in every place. Carrying a lot of cash is also not advisable, but don’t rely too much on technology and digital transactions. If you’re traveling to remote locations, prefer cash over online transactions.

If you’re unable to carry cash, call the hotel or restaurant and check if other options are available or not. Check the availability of ATMs, and check withdrawal fee if you are using a card outside your country. There are many ways you can save money on your unplanned adventure.

Use public transport, trains and avoid flights to keep your travel costs as low as possible. Use the points you have been earning through your credit card. Discount aggregators can help you save a lot of money on food, accommodation, and travel. You should also check local websites for combo deals.

Prepare for challenges in Unplanned Adventure

Everyone has that secret desire to do some adrenaline-pumping activities. Are you thinking of downhill mountain biking? Interested in free-flying for a fun-jump? You might want to prepare your mind and body for it. Feeling strong is not enough. You need to check whether you’re physically fit for an unplanned adventure or not. You need to spend some time on training yourself.

Make sure you have all the necessary gears and equipment in working condition. Don’t forget to carry energy bars to maintain stamina on challenging adventures. The joy of traveling light is matchless but don’t put your safety at risk.

Stay connected

No matter how strong the urge to avoid distraction is, stay connected to your family and friends. It is not only important from the safety point of view, it will also keep you away from problems. Some people think that they can avoid everyone by turning the phone off. This is actually not the right way to feel connected to nature.

Inform your family, friends, and colleagues about your travel plans and stay in touch. If there’s an emergency, they should be able to contact you and vice versa. Even if you are all grown up, and completely independent, your loved ones will still worry about you when you’re out. Don’t make unrealistic promises like you will call them every night, but don’t cause unnecessary worry.

Don’t procrastinate

An unplanned adventure is enjoyable if you are planning the unplanned. Don’t just keep delaying things you can do right now. Many people procrastinate for no reason. Even when they know that they will have to move out of the hotel next morning, they fail to decide where to go or what to do next.

Don’t wait until the moment you step out of your hotel room. Just plan your next day while you can with peace of mind.

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