8 Best places to include in your springtime travel destination list

Out of the best springtime travel destinations, we have selected 8 best places you can travel to. Before the summer hits hard, pack your bag, book your tickets and get ready. See the world’s most exciting destinations you can visit in the springtime. There you can find pleasant temperature, affordable hotel rooms, delicious and foods. And most importantly, you will find hundreds of things to do in the springtime.

Make your springtime travel memorable forever, here’s how:

Shanghai, China

When March rolls around in China, you can put your warm jackets away. Little green leaves and flower buds begin their life’s journey. Shanghai, the largest metropolitan city in China, looks like a city of future to many. Even after so much disturbance, nature does its best for Shanghai’s natural beauty. If you’re on the lookout for a right springtime travel destination, Shanghai is the one. It is one of the best places you can visit in March, April or May.

You can enjoy outdoor dining at some of the best restaurants. You can also take walking tours in the Former French Concession. Take a day trip to the nearby city of Suzhou which is 100 km far from Shanghai and is known for canals, bridges, and gardens.

São Paulo, Brazil

In March, April and May, São Paulo is the place where you can enjoy the pleasant weather. If you’re walking on the narrow streets, take time to reach the São Paulo Museum of Art. There you can see one of the world’s best collections of European paintings. The modern architecture of the museum is impressive and eye-catching. Visit Palácio Tangará, one of the best hotels in the city where you can enjoy a comfortable stay, spa, and scenic views.

São Paulo attracts a large number of business and leisure travelers from around the world. The city can be visited any time in the year, but springtime travel can give you a more comfortable stay.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Spring is one of the best times of the year to visit Amsterdam. The city embraces the beauty of blooming tulips. There’s so much you can do during your springtime travel in Amsterdam. In spring, the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse gets filled with blooming flowers.

The city celebrates King’s Day every year on 27 April. It is one of the biggest and most colorful festivals. On this day, all you will see is the orange color everywhere. Just wear orange and explore the beautiful places. Spend time in the city zoo as many newborn animals can be seen in this season.

In the park, you can see concerts for free. Enjoy children’s events and activities including dance, cabaret, and music in the weekend. On the Open Tower Day in March, catch a glimpse of the city from the top. It is a rare event as these towers remain closed for public on other days.

Tokyo, Japan

Comfortable temperature makes Tokyo the best springtime travel destinations for tourists. In March, Tokyo hosts one of the largest Daruma Doll Fairs at Jindaiji Temple. People can buy auspicious dolls that represent Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism.

The country hosts its largest shrine parade (mikoshi) at Asakusa’s Sanja Matsuri. This parade includes traditional music and dance. Spring is the time when Tokyo celebrates many festivals. Hiwatari-sai is also a famous festival that involves fire-walking. The festival is celebrated at Mt. Takao. If you are visiting Tokyo this spring, attend the Hanazono Shrine Grand Festival in Shinjuku district. This festival takes place at the end of May.


March to June is the time when Nepal witnesses high temperature. Thankfully, it’s not too hot as the country is surrounded by the Himalaya. Nepal is known for adventure sports and places of worship. In spring, Nepal celebrates Buddha’s birthday on the full moon day in May. Adventure lovers can enjoy Everest base camp trek or complete the Annapurna circuit.

If you’re in search of peace, visit the city of Kathmandu where you can find many temples and Buddha Stupa. There you can see one of the world’s largest spherical stupa. Nepal is not a developed country so the cost of lodging and food is low. It shares its borders with India, Tibet, and China.

Sydney, Australia

The growth of new flowers fills the air with pleasing fragrance. Sydney is a well-known place in Australia for beautiful beaches and in spring, you won’t see the crowd as kids will be in school during May. Apart from food, beaches, and other springtime travel considerations, Sydney enjoys many exhibitions and rock concerts in May and June. Vivid Sydney is known as the light, music and ideas festival.

If you’re not much into all this, visit the Commonwealth Street and enjoy delicious seafood. There you’ll find many restaurants offering different varieties of food. You can also find many bars available here.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Spring is all about snow, skiing, and other adventures. If these are your springtime travel considerations, you should go to Zermatt. There you can find many family-friendly resorts and skiing areas. Zermatt is a beautiful small town in Switzerland. Horse-drawn sleighs, no vehicle zone, and narrow snow-clad streets make it one of the best places to travel to in the springtime.

But before you hit the road to see this beautiful town, make sure you check the weather condition. Even if things look normal and good to you, be very careful because it’s an expensive trip. You would not want to feel disappointed due to bad weather conditions.

New York City

One of the best things to do in spring in New York City is to spend some time outdoors. Go outside as there’s so much to celebrate and enjoy in this beautiful city of dreams. Many delightful events are organized in the city in spring. When the flowers are blooming, take a walk through some of the best New York City parks. Visit the street markets and fairs to buy unique things and collectibles. Some of the best food festivals and fairs make springtime travel the best experience for the New York City visitors.


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