5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

The idea of buying travel insurance may sound odd to you but if you don’t get it, you’re in trouble. Even if you think that you are never going to need it, don’t entirely forgo travel insurance. Many people do it because they want to save some cash. But remember, there’s nothing more important than your safety, and there’s no way you can put a price tag on it. You need travel insurance and here’s why.

It doesn’t cost you a fortune

If you break the cost of any travel insurance plan, it costs you a couple of dollars per day. Alright, it sounds huge to many of us because that money can be saved or used for other things. But if you look at the actual cost, it’s not a lot. It’s almost equal to how much a luxury dining experience would cost you. It is even less than what you spend on binge drinking. Why experts recommend travel insurance because if something unexpected happens, you will be prepared for it well in advance.

It’s not like those who talk about travel insurance are on a mission to sell the insurance policy to you. People who have experienced the unexpected on roads know how it feels when you’re left alone with no choice. Those who have taken it understand how different it feels when you know that you are covered. A travel insurance can help you and it can actually save you when you’re out in the wild, or enjoying bungee jumping, or capturing breathtaking views on the way.

A safety net for adventurers

You love adventures, cool. You like taking risks, awesome. But what if something goes wrong? Travel insurance works as a safety net. It can save you money in emergencies like illness or injury, loss of document, loss of luggage, an act of terrorism, airline strike, and loss of medication.

When you are traveling with family or kids, travel insurance becomes so much more important than anything else. The biggest mistake people make with travel insurance is that they think of it as a preparation for disastrous situations. Consider it as a small investment for your family’s safety. Just check and compare different travel insurance plans and you’ll see how much you can get covered by paying less today.

You get coverage for many different things/events

Travel insurance is majorly considered for medical terms, but there are a lot of other things these plans can cover. From trip cancellation to loss of money, many things can be covered by a travel insurance plan. Most people don’t know that when they leave their province, many of their insurance terms don’t provide coverage. So it’s important to have coverage for an emergency, no matter if you’re outside your province or the country.

So, if you’re going on a trip, make sure calling your travel partner or insurance agent to make arrangements for a travel insurance plan. You can always check how much coverage you’re already getting from the policies you currently have.

The government doesn’t provide you full coverage

Depending on where you live, you can probably take some percent of your total insurance done by the government. In most cases, this percentage is very low – somewhere around 10 percent. So ultimately, you will need to make arrangements on your own for the remaining part. Here comes the travel insurance to save you from a lot of problems.

One more thing most people don’t know that when they are going abroad, a very less coverage is provided under the government’s insurance policies. In case of emergency, you may or may not get help from the government depending on the situation. For example, in the case of loss of passport or loss of luggage or a medical emergency, your government’s insurance plans may or may not be able to cover the expenses.

Getting travel insurance is easy

Many people think that getting travel insurance is not easy and it’s a complex process. Those who are in their retirement age or those with a pre-existing medical condition think that they can’t easily get travel insurance. It’s true that age and your health matters but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your next trip cannot be covered.

If your medical condition has been stable for the last couple of weeks or months, your insurance coverage can be increased. It depends on the policies of different insurance companies, but in most of the cases, if your health condition has been stable for the last six months, you’ll get the coverage. If that’s not the case, there are chances you may not get coverage for certain things you wanted to make sure you get coverage for.

Common questions about travel insurance

What if I’m unsure about my health conditions?

Leave the details unfilled on your travel insurance form unless you are not sure about something. You can always call a physician and discuss your health conditions and fill the form later, for your own safety while traveling. Even if you’re on normal medication for seasonal diseases like flu, don’t hide anything and provide correct information.

Can I extend my coverage if I stay at a place for longer than I planned?

A good insurance company will definitely provide you extended coverage in such cases. You can contact your insurance service provider and request them to do the same by providing necessary information.

What if I cancel my trip?

If you have a genuine reason for canceling your trip, you can get a refund as a part of your travel insurance plan. Make sure that you’re not making lame excuses or giving reasons like “I changed my mind for no reason.”

Should a couple take a joint insurance policy or a separate policy?

It depends on what you both are separately covered for. It also depends on your medical condition. So it’s better you buy travel insurance separately, but to avoid problems, make sure you buy plans from the same company.

Bottom line

Make sure you get travel insurance because this small investment can give you peace of mind. Always buy insurance from reputed companies and check what’s included and what’s not to avoid confusion.

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