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Hotel Peninsula

Paris is popularly known as the Fashion Capital of the World and is a destination for many travellers across the world. People come here for tours, honeymoons, business, holiday, and so much more. That is a place where many luxury hotels, boutique hotels and resorts are available. However, historical hotels have an old-world charm about them and have the magical ability to transport one in another era and age.

Palatial and historical

If you want a slice of French history with its architecture and ambiance, you can check out some of the top four historical hotels of Paris, which are:

  • The Meurice was originally an inn built for the English. It is situated in Rue de Rivoli and has had guests like Miss Howards who was Napoleon III’s mistress. However, the new revamped and redesigned Meurice with the help of a Swiss hotel manager to suitably compete with The Ritz. It has further been renovated recently and now boasts of rooms with all modern amenities and all comforts. The hotel though historical has been completely re-built keeping just the listed façade intact. It is a place of ultimate luxury.
  • If you want luxury, grandeur and history in true Parisian style then The Bristol is the place for you. This palace is named after the fourth Earl of Bristol: However, he is not the owner. The place pays a tribute to his colourful spirit and the traveller that he was. There are a French-styled garden and a luxury spa. The Pent-house is famous for its large spacious luxury rooms that offer the view of the whole of Paris. The charm of the twentieth century is most stylishly preserved. All the rooms and suites are, tastefully decorated in the 18th-century décor. There is splendid 18th-century furniture, and the hotel reflects a joyful, colourful exuberant spirit.
  • A former palace known as Palais de Castille. That was home to the Queen of Spain for 36 long years in the later part of the 19th-Century. The historical hotel is now called Hotel Peninsula. Originally a palace it has four hundred rooms and has been renovated and redecorated a number of times. This palace was used for various other purposes when it was taken over by the French government.  It retains the charm of an old-world yet manages brilliantly to combine all modern facilities to give the maximum comfort and luxury to its guests.
  • The Lutetia is a historical hotel that dates back to 1910. It is currently under renovations but was originally built, with top comfort and luxury in mind for the traveller and shopping guests of Madame Boucicaut. The Hotels architecture is in an Art-Nouveau style and everything about was nothing short of being grand. It had the first Art-Deco bar in the city and was beautifully done up with sculptures by famous Nothing but the best was on offer, and the tradition continues to this day. The hotel now has about 231rooms and 60 suites many of which have the art-deco theme suites like Eiffel, Literary amongst other typically Parisian styled themes.

There is a long list of other many such marvellous and splendid historical hotels in Paris. However, the above combine both history and luxury most wonderfully and let take you back in time while letting you enjoy all the modern amenities.

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