10 Things to Keep In Mind While Traveling Abroad For the First Time

Traveling AbroadIf this is your trip internationally for the first time or you want to make sure that you’re doing it right, here’s a list of 10 things you must keep in mind. Your next trip abroad should be successful and pleasurable. So, don’t panic, and take care of the following when Traveling abroad for the first time.

Challenge your knowledge of visa and passport requirements

It’s easy to rely on outdated information, but it’s not something you should do when traveling abroad for the very first time. Update your knowledge about the latest passport rules and visa requirements. Check if there are any specific traveling rules for the country you are planning to visit. Some countries require more than 6 months of validity on your passport. If your passport is expiring soon, apply for a new passport. Check visa rules and also other requirements to enter the country you’re traveling to. Without all the required documents, you can’t board the flight. Even if you do, you will be sent back home on the next available flight.

Keep original documents with photocopies

Keep original documents with photocopiesDon’t forget taking copies of all your ID cards, address proof, and other documents. Keep two sets of these copies and keep each set in a different bag. Carry all the original documents in your handbag or pocket to avoid opening your luggage bags every now and then. Almost every airline around the world has started accepting e-tickets and digital documents. But it’s better if you carry a hard copy because if you lose your smartphone or laptop somewhere, you can show the document.

Cover your trip when traveling abroad

Travel insurance may not sound like a great idea when traveling abroad for the first time, but it’s worth buying. You never know what will happen. Preparing yourself for the worst and the best is the surefire way to travel with peace of mind. You can avoid many problems by covering your trip-cancellations, interruptions, and healthcare needs. Choosing the right travel insurance plan is a must.

There are cash limits when Traveling abroad for the first time

There are cash limits when Traveling abroad for the first timeYou can convert all your bank balance into cash but you can’t carry all on an airplane. You can only bring a certain amount of cash through an airport. Each country has different rules, so before you begin your journey, collect information about the latest guidelines and rules. Don’t rely on the internet too much, do your research and seek information from a reliable source. The fear of not getting cash leads many people to believe that carrying it is the best option, but it’s not always true. Before you move out, check how you can convert money and what will be the charges for withdrawal.

If you’re late, inform the airport authority

Don’t just stand in the queue waiting until your plane takes off without you. If you’re late already, speak to the immigration officer and ask him to help you get on board fast. There’s no point in keeping mum. If you have made a mistake by arriving late, don’t increase the problems by remaining silent. Don’t let things happen to you, take control over the situation by speaking up and get things sorted out.

Show up early

Show up earlyKeep your flight timings in mind and reach the airport at least 2-3 hours before the departure time. By reaching early, you can check-in comfortably. There are security and immigration processes you’ll have to go through. So, this much time is enough to complete all the required formalities. In case if something unexpected happens, you will still have time to manage things. And when you’re traveling abroad for the first time, don’t forget taking selfies. In the free time, you can take some shots for your social media accounts or travel journal.

Don’t take chances

If it’s a trip to your favorite destination, make sure that you’re not taking unnecessary risks. Don’t take chances when you’re traveling abroad for the first time. Don’t choose a place which is not safe for tourists. It can be due to anything – political reasons, diseases, religious issues, war or terrorism. Don’t carry anything that you can’t afford to lose. Problems can come without a prior notification. Make sure that you’re not creating them by taking unnecessary risks. Whether it’s about choosing a destination or picking activities, don’t overestimate your capabilities. The world is not how it appears on the internet or in photographs – at least not always.

Plan for jet lag

Plan for jet lagIf you’re traveling abroad and there’s a huge difference in the time zone, you’ll likely experience jet lag. Planning for a jet lag means you should prepare yourself from the beginning. As soon as you board the flight, set your watch according to the local time of your destination city. Drink plenty of water and sleep during your journey as much as you can so you’ll feel fresh at the time of arrival. Here are some more ways to avoid jet lag effectively.

Do something with your phone

When traveling abroad, you can’t rely on your home network. You will need a local SIM card in your destination city to make phone calls at cheap rates. International roaming costs a lot. Who would want to spend thousands of dollars on a phone bill?  The best idea is to carry an unlocked spare phone which you can use with the new SIM card. When you reach your destination, you can buy a SIM card at the airport or a local kiosk.

Know what you’re doing

Traveling abroad for the first time looks easy – you board the flight, land in your destination and return home safely. Don’t be careless about anything during this journey. From writing answers on immigration cards to filling up the customs declaration form, know what you’re doing. Take things seriously because your single mistake can put you in trouble. Know what you’re carrying in your bags, know what’s allowed and what’s not allowed in the country you’re traveling to. You’ll enjoy your trip more if you do that.

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