Indulge In The 10 Best Luxury Food And Wine Brands Of London

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A Gourmet is in paradise when in London. London truly is the place for food and wine lovers. It’s a dream city where one who understands the true and subtle flavours of both food and wine can sample the most delectable and mouth-watering dishes here. A number of luxury hotels and restaurants take immense pride in their signature dishes and best is brought to your tables.

Sample the delectables

If you are contemplating some of the best luxury food and wine brands here consider these options.

  • King’s Fin Food located in Hanworth; West London is one of the places that serve the finest foods. It ranks top amongst import of fine caviar or black pearls. It also supplies food to many of London’s reputed restaurants. It takes immense pride in serving a private niche client of its own.
  • If you want to sample the best cakes in London then, Fiona Cairns is the answer. The best ingredients are used that is then combined with the most exquisitely crafted designs. The bakery is in Leicestershire and the cakes are supplied to some of the renowned food retailers like Harrods, Selfridges, Waitrose and others.
  • The Lalani & Co. is the tea-connoisseurs’ haven. Vintage teas and pickings are kept as a collection here. Their clientele consists of private clients and London’s top restaurants. Thy have the most limited edition of world-popular teas.
  • A range of the best chocolates can be had, in the most elegant surroundings at Alexeeva & Jones ‘Salon du Chocolat’ in London. The top chocolate enthusiasts serve you handmade and finest chocolates from twenty chocolatiers from across the globe in London’s Notting hill zone.
  • Another luxury chocolate destination would be the Rococo Chocolate at Moxon Street and Motcomb Street in Central London. It is sure to change the way you perceive chocolates. An initiative by Chantal Coady, who changed the way chocolates are retailed.
  • The Primrose Bakery has two outlets in London one at Gloucester Road and the other at Tavistock Street. This Luxury Cake Shop has a lovely place to relax and is most renowned for its cupcakes like cocktail cupcakes. The menus are ever-expanding, and the varieties keep increasing.
  • The AWC supplies the finest luxury wines and spirits to the world, restaurants, hotels, and private customers in London. They even have a sales office in Asia.
  • At Covent Road in London the BB Bakery is the best French luxury bakery shop. It has the finest. The offerings are served in the most appealing manner and one can truly relax and enjoy. There is an innovative Routemaster Bus experience where one can travel around Central London and savor the luxury items.
  • Sample the most amazing Champagne at Champagne Laurent-Perrier in London. This luxury brand stores hand-crafted and even traditional ways of champagne made. The brand retains and preserves 150 hectares of vines.
  • William Curley is the top chocolatier in London. Located in Belgravia it deals not only in chocolates, but patisseries and desserts too. The fare is mouth-watering, and they make the best hand-made chocolates here.

To truly experience the luxury of the finest food and wine, these are the top-notch places in London. London is a place, which truly understands the finer taste of life, bringing true meaning to fine dining and wining.

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