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Traveling Can Teach You Many Different Things
Posted by Mikkie on 18th June 2014

travellingWhen people think of traveling what they normally think of is time off from work and time spent with family and friends.  However what people do not realize is that traveling can teach you many different things.  Traveling can teach you life lessons as well as ways to save and spend money.  In this article you will find several items of things that you can learn from traveling.  It is important to mention that these are not all of the things you can learn only a small handful.

Need And Wants

One of the toughest life lessons that people learn while traveling is the difference between a need and a want.  Everyone have the same needs that are important to live.  It does not matter where you travel to you are going to find that everyone needs food, shelter and water to live by.  However what is different about each human being is that we all have different wants.  Some might want a nicer home to live in while others just want clothes and shoes to put on everyday.  This is where you find that people are very different.

Time Vs. Money

A hard lesson that many people learn the hard way while traveling is that time is more valuable than money.  If you lose money there is always the possibility of working to earn it back.  However if you waste time and lose it that time is gone forever.  There is an old saying that says to spend your money carefully but spend your time wisely.  This is a good rule to live by.

Living The Simple Life

What many people do not realize until you are traveling the world is that the more items you own the more items you have to worry about.  Owning a lot of different things will tie you down and sometimes restrict what you are able to do with your life.  The less that you own the less you will be tied down in your life.  This means that you can travel on a whim and not have to worry about what will happen to the life that you are currently living.

Do Not Let Society Run Your Life

When people travel they often find themselves wanting to live the life of the people they meet along the way or they find that people have higher expectations of them.  It is not healthy to find yourself living within the limitations of other people of the society around them.  A hard lesson to learn is to not let people ruin your dreams or your ideas.  Only you can make those become a reality.

Body Language

When you first start to travel you will find that reading the body language of other people is often difficult.  This is an art that is hard to learn but once you have it mastered it can be of a great help.  Noticing the vibe that someone gives off through their body language can be very important and can often mean more than words alone.

Be Kind

The universal language known around the world is kindness.  People love it when you are kind to them.  When you walk past someone you should smile no matter how bad of a day you are having.  Even if you do not know the language that the person speaks a smile and a wave will get you a long way to breaking through the barrier.

When you are traveling you will come across many different things that you might not be comfortable with.  You should face your fears with courage and not let anything get in your way.  Traveling can often play with your emotions.  You should tear down the walls that you have put up and have fun while traveling.  The lessons you will learn will become lessons that you never forget.